New Adventure, Ignite the Flame of Legend! (Breakthrough Limits, Brave the Flame Maze!)

New adventure, ignite the flame of legend! (Breakthrough limits, brave the flam

New Adventure, Ignite the Flame of Legend! (Breakthrough Limits, Brave the Flame Maze!)

New adventure, ignite the flame of legend! (Breakthrough limits, brave the flame maze!) New adventure, ignite the flame of legend!

A new round of magical exploration is about to begin. In the new version, players can find mysterious treasure chests, relics, and mythical beasts from all over the world to obtain treasures and resources, thus providing powerful strength for the next adventurer.

In addition, the new gameplay “Breakthrough Limits” has also officially launched, so hurry up and enter the game to experience it~

【Opening Time】: June 29th 10:00 – June 30th 23:59

【Activity Details】

– Added challenge levels

– Added trial levels

– Added BOSS levels

– Added monster dungeons

– Optimized equipment

– Added items

– Optimized some interface displays

– Adjusted battle interface effects

– Added character avatars and background displays

– Optimized character skill effects

Breakthrough Limits, Brave the Flame Maze!

Breakthrough limits, brave the flame maze! “Flame Maze” is an adventure mobile game. The game is a 3D role-playing masterpiece based on the prototype of “Hell Demon God” Ares!

As a classic idle casual mobile game, “Flame Maze” adds various interesting challenge modes to the traditional puzzle RPG game, allowing players to enjoy different fun in continuous exploration!

“Flame Maze” (abbreviated as MC) is a mobile game based on the anime of the same name. This game is a first-person action card game designed based on the world view of “Flame Maze” manga. The game has three professions: warrior, mage, and assassin. The background of the game is a demon king from the darkness who has powerful power but no ability. Players will face powerful boss battles and the final disaster, and they need to start from scratch developing their skills.

Players will enter this world with a new identity, entering a new story and a wonderful world. The game adopts a turn-based combat rule, and players need to defeat enemies and dodge obstacles to advance. There are many different bosses in the game. Players need to start by killing small monsters while also facing the formidable boar knight.

“Flame Maze” (MC for short) is a work with a strong sense of immersion. It combines Western magic elements with modern physics and cultural elements, and combines Chinese ancient myths and folklore as its theme. It is a refreshing and enjoyable experience. The game has exquisite and gorgeous graphics.

Game features:

【Rich game content】

1. Rich and diverse content, including various game modes such as dungeons, quests, treasure chests, and activities. The game also has a lot of PVP arenas and other systems.

2. Multiple game types, players can choose different types of equipment to enhance their attributes and combat abilities, and get a better gaming experience.

3. Multiple sets of game skills, various battle gameplay in the game, including multiplayer dungeons, multiplayer competitive games, etc., players can freely choose.

4. Multiple heroes, massive hero characters, each with their own unique attributes and skills, players can match, learn, or upgrade heroes.

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