Build the Strongest Ninja Team and Conquer the Naruto World! (Absolutely Flexible! The Secrets of Mastering Naruto Ninjutsu Revealed!)

Build the strongest ninja team and conquer the Naruto world! (Absolutely flexibl

Build the strongest ninja team and conquer the Naruto world! (Absolutely flexible! The secrets of mastering Naruto ninjutsu revealed!) As a strategy card game, the game not only allows players to deploy up to ten ninjas and various ninjutsu, but also enables various combinations. For novice players, choosing a powerful team is crucial; for veteran players, it is important to build the strongest ninjas to conquer the Naruto world!

First, we need to understand the various systems in the game. Each character has different skills in battle, and these skills are very important. Therefore, we need to understand each hero and how to choose the appropriate attributes and skills.

Firstly, let’s talk about the attributes. There are four attributes in the game: attack power, defense power, and health points. We all know that attack is the main output for players in battle, so we need to consider how to choose attributes.

Of course, there are multiple attributes in the game for us to choose from, and defense attribute is the best choice because it can provide certain survival ability for our ninjas, thus creating a good output environment for them.

Another attribute is skills, which are determined by the star level of our ninjas. The higher the star level, the better the skill damage and effects. Therefore, we need to consider how to obtain higher star levels.

In terms of attribute selection, we can consider health points, critical strike rate, critical strike effect, and attack power. Health points and attack power can be stacked, while critical strike rate can reduce skill cooldown time. Therefore, when choosing ninjas, we should try to choose those with critical damage bonus.

In terms of skills, we can also obtain some skills through ninja recruitment in the game. So, how to obtain more skills? It is recommended to recruit ninja fragments for synthesis. In general, we can obtain a fragment, and then use these fragments to synthesize ninjas. This way, we can obtain a large number of skills, and the skill damage will be higher.

Finally, we also need to consider the combination of ninjutsu. There are many types of ninjutsu combinations, including single-target burst, group attack, control, and support. Among them, single-target attack and control are the most common combinations, while group attack can make it easier for us to win in battle. Therefore, when we are pairing ninjas, we can choose three types of ninjutsu combinations: single-target, group attack, and control. This way, we can easily achieve victory in battle.

Absolutely Flexible! The Secrets of Mastering Naruto Ninjutsu Revealed!

What are the secrets of mastering Naruto ninjutsu in the Naruto mobile game? Let me tell you!

[Spirit Communication Power]

The attributes of Spirit Communication Power are: physique, attack power, and defense ability.

The effect of Spirit Communication Power is: in battle, players can use Spirit Communication Power to strengthen their own attributes.

[Raiton: Raikoukenkai]

Raikoukenkai is a team from Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village of the Fire Country. They summon a giant tornado to launch a fierce assault.

The attributes of Raikoukenkai are: damage +5%, critical strike rate +3%, accuracy +2%.

From the above content, we can see that Raikoukenkai has a great effect when launching strong attacks against enemies.

[Chakra Shield]

Chakra Shield is a protective barrier in the Fire Country. After being attacked by enemies, players have a certain chance to obtain a shield.

The function of Chakra Shield is: when the enemy’s chakra value is below 30%, it will cause damage to the surrounding area.

From the above content, we can see that Chakra Shield has a strong restraining effect on enemy attacks.

[Ultimate Skill – Banshou Sappou Zan]

When the ultimate skill Banshou Sappou Zan is released, it will create an explosion, causing area damage to enemies in the target area, and there is a certain chance to knock down the enemy!

In the Naruto game, releasing ultimate skills is very important because it requires players to have enough chakra support. Therefore, releasing ultimate skills has become the core gameplay of the game.


The secret techniques in the Naruto mobile game are the foundation for players’ survival in the game. So, before playing the game, students should first understand whether their own strength is strong enough, so that they can better challenge the levels!

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