The King of the Pirate World, Can You Dominate? (Travel through the Pirate Warring States and unleash your superpowers!)

The King of the Pirate World, can you dominate? (Travel through the Pirate Warr

The King of the Pirate World, can you dominate? (Travel through the Pirate Warring States and unleash your superpowers!) The King of the Pirate World, can you dominate? If you think this game is not bad, come and take a look.

“Control the Pirate World” is a mobile game based on Japanese Bushido, exclusively distributed by bilibili. It also has excellent performance and word-of-mouth in China. “Sword Soul” is the first gesture-controlled action mobile game! This mobile online game not only has simple and interesting graphics, but also has a unique combo gameplay, allowing you to experience a refreshing fighting effect, and you can also compete against other players and computers in PK. In this game, you can use various characters to fight against enemies!

As a side-scrolling fighting game, “Control the Pirate World” has rich game content. There are three difficulty levels in the game, and players can freely choose, but no matter which difficulty, you can increase your own attributes through upgrades. At the same time, there are many levels waiting for players to challenge in each chapter! Of course, if players want to quickly level up, they can also use the sweeping function, so that players can quickly gain experience, silver, items, and equipment. Of course, in addition to experience and silver, “Control the Pirate World” will also provide more interesting mini-games!

In the game, each character has their own special abilities and characteristics. For example, there is a chance of critical strike when attacking, and the damage is doubled when critical strike occurs; there is a certain probability of entering a counterattack state after defense, immune to a fatal blow; when attacking, you will randomly gain a buff effect and cause additional damage or slowdown to the target; when you have multiple characters, you can choose one to be on the team and let them exert greater strength.

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Travel through the Pirate Warring States and unleash your superpowers!

“Travel through the Pirate Warring States” is NetEase’s first 3D action card mobile game, in which the game revolves around the three brothers of the Western Garden as the main characters, and players will play as one of them. Each character in the game has their own superpowers, so unleash your superpowers in the battle!

[Required Level]: Level 30

[Opening Time]: Playable all day, can enter twice per day

[Entry Method]: Click the “Start” button in the upper left corner of the game main interface to open the game main interface.

In the main interface, players can see various ongoing tasks. Click “Start” in the lower right corner to accept the tasks; after completing the tasks, players will receive corresponding experience and money rewards. In addition, you can also view the difficulty of the current level and the corresponding chest rewards. Click the “Sweep” button to jump to the level sweeping interface of the corresponding dungeon.

[Dungeon Explanation]: When players engage in dungeon battles, they need to consume stamina; stamina can be obtained by completing tasks and challenging dungeons, or by spending a certain amount of gold or diamonds to purchase.

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