Mastering the Prisoner’s Psychology and Becoming a Cunning Prison Tycoon (Unlock the Secrets of Prison Cells and Showcase Your Prison Tycoon Talents)

Mastering the prisoner\’s psychology and becoming a cunning prison tycoon (unlock

Mastering the prisoner’s psychology and becoming a cunning prison tycoon (unlock the secrets of prison cells and showcase your prison tycoon talents) is the guide content brought to you by the author. Please continue to follow this site for more exciting content, where you will learn more game information!

“The Escapee” series is created by the well-known Japanese novelist Fumihiko Yasuda, who is also a manga artist and doujinshi artist. The story tells of a young man who has been trapped in prison since childhood and needs someone who can rescue the living beings in this town – the “prisoners”. Players can obtain a card to escape the scene and begin to travel through various areas of the story with his daughter after completing the tasks in the first chapter, while also unlocking some interesting content.

Unlock the Secrets of Prison Cells and Showcase Your Prison Tycoon Talents

“Prison Tycoon” is an intelligent game with high efficiency in managing prisoners in the prison. In the early stage of the game, players must rely on “arrests” to obtain a large amount of money in order to escape from the bosses in prison. In the middle and later stages of the game, players need to learn and apply these two ways to improve the prison’s income and management level.

In order to present such an image, first, you need to understand the various rules and master the basic information in the prison, such as what there is in the prison, what items can be sold in the prison, how many levels there are in the prison, etc. This will allow players to get everything in the prison from the beginning of the game! Now let’s talk about how to play this gameplay!

As a prison tycoon, you can earn profits from the prison management office and receive rewards from the prison cage. Of course, you also need to learn how to use limited time to obtain more benefits. As a prison tycoon, you naturally need to maximize the money you earn in prison. In “Prison Tycoon”, you can find more suitable prisoners from the prison and showcase your prison expertise through the talent system.

In “Prison Tycoon” mobile game, in addition to prison cells and prison gates, there is also a special terrain – the basement, where you can build rooms that are more suitable for yourself.

You need to constantly upgrade and collect more resources in order to create higher-level prison cells, and then put enough prisoners in them. However, please note that each prison cell can only accommodate one person, which means you need to put in four people to play the game.

In addition, in the game, you can use the item “Escape Card” to escape from the prison patrol team.

In the game “Prison Tycoon”, you can also use these items to place prison cells in the prison, making the prison cells you place more practical.

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