Explore the Million Arthur official website’s original king battle game! (Breaking conventions! The Million Arthur official website’s new and creative game is shocking!)

Explore the Million Arthur official website\’s original king battle game! (Break

Explore the Million Arthur official website’s original king battle game! (Breaking conventions! The Million Arthur official website’s new and creative game is shocking!) Explore the Million Arthur official website’s original king battle game! “Halloween Dance Party” is a new fantasy adventure mobile game that combines various features such as card collection, RPG strategy, and social interaction gameplay. Today, the official announcement of “Halloween Dance Party” revealed that a new and creative game called “King’s Battle” will be launched soon. Let’s take a look below.

Explore the otherworldly world and summon the magic dragon.

“Byakuya Toro: The City of Gold” (tentative translation) is a world boss battle MMORPG launched by the famous Japanese mobile game company SNK. This game is a large-scale role-playing game developed by well-known manga artist Ningo Tomoi (Japanese) and the foreigner Oshihisan. It tells the brave story of players as the leader of the Knights, leading their own team to the mysterious place, repelling the invasion of evil forces, and saving the world.

“Thousand-Faced Swordsman”, embarking on a challenge to the legendary realm.

In order to find the treasures in the legendary realm, gather more than 50 companions within a limited time and complete missions to receive rewards. During the challenge, players can not only obtain rare items through challenges, but also receive activity exchange tickets or other generous rewards. During the challenge, players can choose different difficulty levels to challenge, and the higher the challenge difficulty, the better the rewards. In addition, players can also use universal fragments or friendship points to purchase a large number of powerful items in the activity store.

Challenge the warriors of the otherworld and seize the gems.

“Thousand-Faced Swordsman”. She is a girl from another world and has extremely high popularity. However, because of her cruel personality and excessive inferiority complex, she was forced to accept a mission from an organization. In order to become the man who rules this organization, she must join this team.

“Thousand-Faced Swordsman”, “Super Light Swordswoman”, “Crack of Dawn Sword”, “Raging Samurai”, “Temple of the Eight Female Gods”, “Moonshadow Mad Song”, “Dark Cat Training Ground”, have made many people find it a difficult existence. In this test version, players can not only experience all the content of this classic work, but also have the chance to unlock its exclusive plot and voice~

In the various levels of “Thousand-Faced Swordsman”, “Super Light Swordswoman”, “Crack of Dawn Sword”, “Thunder Blade”, “Shining Hunter”, special events will occur, and these events can solve mysteries and obtain gem and material rewards. Of course, players can also obtain additional experience rewards through exploration, and experience points can level up. In addition, when encountering special situations during the adventure, rewards can also be obtained through exploration, including rare coins and various materials and items.

The above is what the editor brings for everyone about the exploration of the Million Arthur official website’s original king battle game! Interested friends may wish to join the editor to play and see.

Breaking conventions! The Million Arthur official website’s new creative game is shocking!

The Million Arthur official website is shocking, and a new creative game is stunningly debuted! Recently, “Arknights” and “StarCraft III: Infestation Revolution” are in progress. This update breaks conventions and instantly raises the players’ expectations for the new version to a new height. Let’s take a look at the new event content below~

[Opening conditions]:

Server opening time: August 15th, 10:00- August 19th, 10:00 (Only available from 12:00-14:00 on the opening day).

Enter the address http://ae.163.com/game_shtml

Official website link: Click to jump to the official forum.

Game introduction:

“Arknights” is the first strategy mobile game developed and published by the famous Japanese manufacturer A-1Games; it is based on well-known anime characters such as the classic card game “Fairy Knight Jou”, “Magic Sword Immortal Virania”, and “Jack Lloyd of Super Popular Manga” as the theme, adopts original gameplay RPG mode, and the rich story background runs through the entire mobile game world. Its core gameplay includes card collection, character development, and other various types.

As a pinnacle work of a casual idle game, this new work will bring refreshing visual impact and immersion. “Halloween Nocturne” (abbreviated as “Haunted Mansion”) was launched in early August and will be available on iOS platforms, so stay tuned. In addition, “Witch’s Castle” (Chinese name “Black Cat”), which is the first in this series, is a popular mobile game that ranks 3rd on the free list of AppStore.

The above is all the content brought by the editor about the recent disclosure of internal information on the website. I hope it can help everyone understand the strategy information in the first place. More exciting content is available on this site.

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