Explore the Points World and Unlock the Fantasy Land! (Join now and easily earn points while playing games!)

Explore the Points World and Unlock the Fantasy Land! (Join now and easily earn

Explore the Points World and Unlock the Fantasy Land! (Join now and easily earn points while playing games!) Fantasy Land is one of the classic game modes in “Explore the Points World” and is also something that players must complete every day. During the event, players can earn points from it and exchange for rewards. Now, let me introduce the gameplay of Fantasy Land in “Explore the Points World” to you!

Explore the Points World Fantasy Land (Join now)

The “Fantasy Land” event is about to begin! During the event, players can enter the event page by clicking on “Fantasy Land” in the upper right corner of the main interface in the game. Event period: October 16th, 2020 – October 20th, 24:00. The event entrance will be closed after the event, and players can earn points rewards by logging in and participating in various gameplay activities!

In the various maps of exploring the points world, each player has the opportunity to encounter different monsters. Defeating monsters can earn points rewards and collect special items called “Wonder Coins”.

In the “Fantasy Land” map, besides regular monsters, there are also many hidden bosses waiting for you to discover. Remember to challenge them, my friends!

Above are some contents about Fantasy Land in this exploration of the points world. If you want to know more related information and strategies, please continue to follow this website. We will bring you more exciting and practical interesting information!!

Join now and easily earn points while playing games!

The game “Easily Earn Points While Playing Games!” has started its pre-order on the official website, WeChat, and Weibo. During the event, players only need to participate in official activities to have a chance to win points, exchange various rewards, and even have generous prizes waiting for you~

First, after logging in to the game daily, click on the “Welfare” button on the main interface to enter the event page.

Click the “Points Exchange” button on the event page to use points to exchange for various items in the exchange store.

In addition to exchanging items, players can also consume points to exchange for various rare items in “My Points Mall” – “Points Exchange Center”! For example, exclusive titles for the game (which players love the most), limited to 10 purchases per week.

The game content that can be exchanged in the “Points Mall” includes: Hero’s Certificate *1, Gold Coins *50000, Elf Summoning Card *1, Pet Skin Shards *5, Fashion Coupons *100, and so on. In addition, points can also be exchanged for rewards such as “Lucky Gift Pack”~

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