Beginner’s Guide! Best Professions and Skills Analysis in Treasures of the World (Exclusive Strategy Revealed! Recommended Professions for Beginners in Treasures of the World)

Beginner\’s Guide! Best Professions and Skills Analysis in Treasures of the Worl

Beginner’s Guide! Best Professions and Skills Analysis in Treasures of the World (Exclusive Strategy Revealed! Recommended Professions for Beginners in Treasures of the World). Treasures of the World is a very fun game with various professions and skills waiting to be discovered by players. Today, the editor brings you an analysis of the best professions and skills for beginners in Treasures of the World. Hope you enjoy it!

Complete Guide to Treasures of the World Mobile Game:

1. The Four Basic Professions in “Treasures of the World”: Warrior, Mage, Priest. They each have powerful defensive and offensive abilities, playing essential roles in team battles.

2. Warriors: Strong melee fighters with high HP and defense, making them solid frontliners in teams. They have high burst damage and are the main damage dealers in group battles.

3. Mages: Powerful spellcasters with terrifying magical attacks and damage, making them one of the best choices for farming monsters. Their strong AOE abilities allow them to easily overpower other players while farming.

4. Priests: Ranged control and support class! Priests are very versatile, with strong offensive and defensive capabilities. They are necessary members of a team, providing decent group healing and strong defense. They also have remote control and burst abilities, making them excellent for farming.

Above is the collected information about professions and skills in Treasures of the World.

Exclusive Strategy Revealed! Recommended Professions for Beginners in Treasures of the World

Treasures of the World, a 3D real-time combat mobile game developed by the same team as the legendary online game “Treasures”. It will be fully launched on April 17th. The game features three professions: Warrior, Mage, Priest. Each profession has its own unique characteristics. What different performances do they have in battles? Below, the editor recommends several professions that are more suitable for beginners, hoping to be helpful to everyone!


A melee fighter profession known for its powerful physical attacks and defenses.

Warriors attack with charges and swings, having strong burst damage that can instantly defeat enemy tank heroes or backline warriors. Their attacks mainly focus on close-range single-target skills. Warriors are the easiest to pick up in the game, with low difficulty in operation, suitable for beginners at any stage.

Warriors’ skills are divided into normal damage (physical) and skill attacks (magical). Normal damage directly deals physical damage to the target; skill attacks simply deal physical damage to the target; magic damage deals damage to a specified area.

Warriors attack with charges and swings, exhibiting strong burst damage. Charges allow warriors to quickly rush into enemy formations, dealing damage to individual units and briefly stunning them; swings can damage all targets in a straight line, dealing high damage to individual units. Warriors are the only profession in “Treasures of the World” that can summon pets.


A healing class profession known for its powerful magical attacks.

Priests attack with single-target and group skills, able to continuously heal all surrounding friendly units and increase their attack power (Priests’ AOE skills are group skills). Most of the Priest’s group skills are support-oriented, able to summon pets to assist in battle. However, their single-target skills are mostly AOE attacks, so Priests are not good at close combat. Priest’s skills mainly focus on group healing, able to restore their own HP and use various enhancements, providing great benefits to the team in battles. Priests play an irreplaceable role in teams, able to provide strong support and protection abilities to other team members.

Priest’s skills are divided into healing, summoning, and resurrection.

Healing: Can heal oneself and nearby teammates with divine light, also heals the HP of friendly units in range, and deals physical damage to enemy targets;

Summoning: Able to summon divine beasts to fight alongside, enhance their combat capabilities even further;

Purification: Able to seal monsters, preventing their movements, and can cast healing skills to remove the seal effect (Priest’s group healing skill is healing all members).

The game offers three professions for players to choose from: Warrior, Mage, and Priest. Warriors excel in ranged physical attacks while Mages specialize in ranged magical attacks.

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