Invincible Blood Racing Speed Escape (Street Hot Blood Rogue Fights to the Sky)

Invincible Blood Racing Speed Escape (Street Hot Blood Rogue Fights to the Sky)

Invincible Blood Racing Speed Escape (Street Hot Blood Rogue Fights to the Sky) is a street hot blood racing game. Below, the editor brings you the operation skills of Street Hot Blood Racing Speed Escape (Street Hot Blood Rogue Fights to the Sky). I hope you all will like it!

【Operation Instructions】

At the beginning of the race, hold down “W”, “S”, and “A” to perform actions such as turning, drifting, and squatting. When turning, pay attention to the left brake key, and when squatting, pay attention to the up and down swing of the direction keys (be careful not to touch the car).

After squatting, pay attention to the direction keys on the right side of the screen. When turning, hold down the switch keys “E”, “Q/D”, and “R” to quickly adjust the direction for acceleration.

If you turn half a circle or hit an obstacle, you can use methods such as “space” and “jump” to avoid obstacles.

Street Hot Blood Rogue Fights to the Sky

Street Hot Blood, an animated work created by Japanese cartoonist パクつし, will start the public beta on all platforms on June 1st and officially land on the Android platform. The game adopts the design concept of horizontal combat games, with boxing as the main core gameplay. Players need to control various characters to fight against enemies and experience the enjoyable sense of impact and excitement!

【Rogue Fights to the Sky】

In order to meet the needs of players who like combos and high damage output, and constantly challenge themselves, the Street Fighter series mobile game “Street Hot Blood” has won the “Best Action IP” award for 7 consecutive years since its launch, and it has been highly praised by fans! This arcade-style “Street Hot Blood: Rogue Fights” (KOF) has received enthusiastic praise from many fans. It not only has exquisite and gorgeous visual effects but also unique operation gestures and special systems such as combo attacks, making the gameplay on mobile phones smoother and more fluent, while also having very cool special effects.

Currently, “Street Hot Blood: Rogue Fights” is a high-quality 3D action fighting MMORPG that combines combos, juggling, floating, anti-counter, etc. The game started internal testing in August 2015 and is now entering its first exposure phase. The game tells the story of a young boy who travels to the modern world and embarks on an adventure in the wasteland, where he is about to help a group of ordinary people escape to safety.

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