The Battle of Giants in the World of One Piece: New Strategy Unveiled! (Giants War Sweeps One Piece: Ultimate Strategy Revealed!)

The Battle of Giants in the World of One Piece: New Strategy Unveiled! (Giants

The Battle of Giants in the World of One Piece: New Strategy Unveiled! (Giants War Sweeps One Piece: Ultimate Strategy Revealed!) is a 3D action mobile game based on the world of One Piece. Developed by the renowned Japanese game company SNK, it is the first official 3D action mobile game based on One Piece to be released on the Android platform and PC. Today, Giants War Sweeps One Piece officially announced its exclusive preview in a way that is available on all platforms. This update will introduce a new map and bring new strategy and decryption for players.

【Open New Map – Introduce New Characters】

“The Battle of Giants in the World of One Piece” is a turn-based strategy RPG mobile game developed and adapted from anime works such as “Dragon Palace Legend 2” and “Hot Blood Quest”. This game takes place in the world and character design of the classic animation “Sanji” as the background for exploration. In the game, players will play as the protagonist Luffy, explore vast islands, and challenge powerful enemies. In battles, players need to control their teammates, use different skills to unleash combos, and fight against other players on the battlefield to achieve victory. At the same time, players can also collect various items to synthesize powerful equipment.

【Upgrade Gameplay and Constantly Break Through】

“Giants War Sweeps” is a casual card-based game with a storyline and is co-starred by famous musical actor Mr. Kazusuke Koizumi. “The Battle of Giants in the World of One Piece” (English: The Game of Wardo the bilibili)

This game started its elite testing on April 13, 2017, and has launched multiple chapters. The game has a total of six chapters, each with several levels. In the game, players can experience various different gameplay modes. Among them, the battle mode includes real-time battles, secret fighting, and formation blocking, where players can attack using props or use anger skills. In addition, the game supports multiplayer screen-to-screen confrontation, allowing players to experience immersive adventure fun!

Giants War Sweeps One Piece: Ultimate Strategy Revealed!

Giants War Sweeps is the only character in “Giants War” who can perform AOE attacks. He has extremely powerful strength and defense, and he can move and control freely on the battlefield. His skill damage is also very high, and he possesses powerful group output capability. If players like his character, they can try to cultivate him!

【Skill Introduction】

1. Active Skill: Attacks a single enemy and inflicts poison.

2. Passive Skill 1: Increases own evasion and crit rate.

3. Active Skill 2: Deals a large amount of physical damage to the target.

4. Passive Skill 3: Deals massive physical damage to the enemy with the highest current health.

5. Passive Skill 4: Increases own physical armor and magic resistance.

6. Passive Skill 5: Increases the physical and magic attacks of all friendly units.

Teammate Combination

Giants War Sweeps’ skills are mainly focused on group damage, but its weaknesses are also evident. Firstly, its passive skill increases its own evasion, which makes many players feel that its survival ability is poor. Secondly, it lacks any group output capability, so it is difficult to perform well in the arena and can only be used as a support. Lastly, in team compositions, Giants War Sweeps is a very versatile teammate, whether it is a tank or a DPS, it is a good choice.

Recommended Team Composition: Mihawk + Luffy + Chopper + Zoro + Usopp

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