Official Chinese Naruto Website Reveals New Game Mode, Igniting the Ninja World Battlefield! (Exclusive Release on Official Chinese Naruto Website, Unveiling Hidden Ninjutsu Inheritance!)

The official Chinese Naruto website has unveiled a new game mode, igniting the

The official Chinese Naruto website has unveiled a new game mode, igniting the ninja world battlefield! (Exclusive release on the official Chinese Naruto website, unveiling hidden ninjutsu inheritance!) The “Seven Ninja Battle” trend has raised the expectations of countless players for the new version, which also brings a new ninjutsu inheritance system and new gameplay content. In order to meet the expectations of all students for the new version, the official website has specially prepared an exclusive event called [Anbu Secret Transmission] for all students who have participated in testing, beta testing, and official testing.

In this event, six new ninjutsu will be available for everyone to experience. They are: The Chaos of Konoha, The Legend of the Swift Wind, The Chapter of Resonating Sasuke, The Chapter of Uchiha Itachi, and The Chapter of Gaara; Each ninjutsu has a big boss behind it, who are from the Fifth Raikage- Uzumaki Kushina. Students should master their own ninja tools and match appropriate spirit animals and secret techniques according to the opponent’s lineup in order to truly demonstrate their strength.

In addition, the new version will also unlock more fun and interesting content, including hidden storylines, allowing you to fully explore the world of ninjutsu.

Furthermore, the new version will introduce more benefits and rewards, including gold coins and other generous rewards, allowing you to fully enjoy the most exciting challenges.

Exclusive Release on Official Chinese Naruto Website, Unveiling Hidden Ninjutsu Inheritance!

The official Chinese Naruto mobile game website exclusively releases, unveiling hidden ninjutsu inheritance!

Naruto is a fighting game developed by Tencent Magic Cube Studio. This game uses a brand new physics engine technology to highly restore the classic storyline and character roles from the anime. Players will play as Uchiha Itachi, Temari, and other ninjas, growing together with three other initial ninjas, and using chakra to fully display their abilities!

【Exclusive Features】

1. Original Ninjutsu System: In the game, players can obtain different ninjutsu by consuming gold coins.

2. Super Stunning Combo Skills: Players can also obtain cool ninjutsu effects by matching scrolls, spirit animals, and equipment.

3. 100 Players in the Same Screen PvP: Players can team up with friends to compete in cross-server team battles to experience the exhilarating feeling of battle.

4. Cross-platform Synchronization: The game supports simultaneous updates on mobile and PC platforms.

5. Multiple Fun Game Modes:

1) Challenge Boss: Players can participate in boss challenges with Orochimaru and obtain abundant rewards.

2) Mysterious Adventure: Players can obtain secret book fragments by completing adventure/elite copies.

3) Survival Challenge: Players can obtain rich rewards by challenging world bosses.

4) Organization Boss Battle: Players can challenge other members in the organization to obtain rewards.

5) Rankings:

a) The higher the player’s ranking in the organization, the higher the personal and team points they will receive at the end of the activity.

b) Players can receive rewards in the organization’s rankings every day.

c) Players can use money or jade to exchange for rare items in the shop.

d) Players can participate in organization boss battles once a day.

e) Players can receive personal points rewards.

f) Players can participate in organization boss battles five times a day.

g) [Endless Trial]: Players can obtain gold coins and prestige in endless mode battles, while also obtaining more rare items.

h) Players can receive personal points and exchange items in the shop.

i) Players can use money or jade to exchange for items in the shop.

l) The gameplay of organization boss battles is similar to that of world boss battles. Players can challenge bosses in teams to obtain more points and rich rewards.


2. Password: Players obtain passwords by completing tasks and meeting certain conditions.

3. Sign-in: Players can receive sign-in rewards for free every day.

4. Gift Packs: The game will periodically open corresponding recharge activities, and players can receive gift pack rewards when reaching the corresponding levels.

5. Recharge: Players can purchase monthly cards and receive corresponding rewards every day.

6. Gift Pack Codes: Players can enter the game gift pack codes on the official website and collect them in “My”.

7. Activity Time: Until October 13th, 24:00

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