Empire of Flames: Perfectly Dominating the Millennium! (Empire of Flames: Conquer the World, Flames Never Fade!)

Empire of Flames: Perfectly Dominating the Millennium! (Empire of Flames: Conqu

Empire of Flames: Perfectly Dominating the Millennium! (Empire of Flames: Conquer the World, Flames Never Fade!) “Empire of Flames” (SLG) is a real-time strategy mobile game developed by Koei Tecmo, a subsidiary of the Japanese company Koei Tecmo. The game features a full 3D visual presentation and diverse hero character designs, integrating elements from RPGs.

【Flames Never Fade】In the past, people called them “Gods of War”, celestial masters, martial saints, and the like. However, in this scenario, the “Gods of War” finally make their appearance, while the “Martial Saints” transform into a mysterious existence. He possesses unparalleled power and is one of the strongest protectors of the world. His existence is to protect the world from corruption. Thus, the story begins.

First, let’s take a look at the map backgrounds in “Empire of Flames”:

At the beginning, we see a main hall called the “Talin City” and a building resembling a study. Below this place, there is a location called the “Millennium Hall.”

Inside the main hall of Talin City, there are three levels: a normal mode guarding the iron gate, a small boss guarding the iron gate, and an elite mode guarding the iron gate. In these different battle scenes, players need to use various strategies to defeat enemies.

In the final map of each level, players will face a powerful boss—the ultimate boss is a highly aggressive and strong super unit called the Dragon Knight, with high health points and attack power. In each round of battle, players need to deal as much damage to the boss as possible within a limited time and try to avoid being instantly killed.

In addition to these content, “Empire of Flames” also incorporates a rich strategy system into its battle system, such as the “Summon Troops” feature. Players can deploy soldiers to summon troops to attack other players and soldiers in battles, as well as to assist themselves in combat.

It is worth mentioning that the gameplay of “Summon Troops” is very different from the usual games since it involves combat in the form of soldiers. The “Summon Troops” also has different star ratings. The higher the star rating of the summoned troops, the stronger their combat abilities. However, their consumption is relatively minor. Thus, they can be considered one of the most important units in the game, and players can choose based on their own situation.

Of course, besides the aforementioned content, “Empire of Flames” has many other unique systems waiting to be explored! For example, on the bottom right corner of the main interface, there is a treasure chest button. Clicking on it will take players to the “Rewards” section.

Additionally, the activities and missions in “Empire of Flames” will bring a lot of fun for players. The daily login rewards in the game are also quite appealing. If you want to further understand some of the gameplay, you can follow the official Weibo or WeChat public account of 9Games.

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