Ninja Warriors: Revenge of the Demon’s Son (Naruto Legend: The Path of Shadows)

Ninja Warriors: Revenge of the Demon\’s Son (Naruto Legend: The Path of Shadows)

Ninja Warriors: Revenge of the Demon’s Son (Naruto Legend: The Path of Shadows) This tutorial introduces players to the Ninja Warriors: Revenge of the Demon’s Son (Naruto Legend: The Path of Shadows) and hopes to be helpful.

Ninja Warriors: Revenge of the Demon’s Son

In “Naruto Legend”, the Demon’s Son has always been the toughest boss to defeat in the game. In the first level of the third chapter, the Demon’s Son’s strength will greatly increase. Players need to use combos to output damage and use skills to attack enemies. After the battle, they can also exchange for some items with prestige.

[Revenge of the Demon’s Son]

In this level, players will encounter a wave of minions. These minions are very powerful and have a variety of skills. When facing these minions, you must be careful. Due to the large number of minions in this level, players must clear each wave of minions in order to pass this level.

The boss in this level is a large demonic ninja, with a lot of health but high damage. It is recommended that players keep a certain distance from the Demon’s Son before the battle to avoid being killed by him. If players use the combo “Infinite Dance”, they are likely to be instantly killed by him.

Naruto Legend: The Path of Shadows

Naruto Legend: The Path of Shadows is a very popular character in the game, and many players are fond of him. However, when players enter the game, they will find that this person is a character that is both loved and hated.

The Anbu Ninja assassinates the Fourth Hokage, and in the game, the Anbu Ninja can become invisible when attacking and has long-range charge skills and wide-area damage skills, making him a very powerful assassin.

However, if players want to play him well, they must first understand his weaknesses and skill characteristics, so that they can better master his skills and become the strongest killer!

The first thing to know is that the Shadow Ninja cannot use normal attacks during battles, and after releasing normal attacks, the Shadow Ninja cannot attack other ninjas either. Therefore, players need to understand the weaknesses of the Shadow Ninja in order to better use their normal attacks to counterattack.

The enemy hidden in the darkness can move, dodge, or use teleportation abilities within the Shadow Ninja’s attack range.

During the battle, players will encounter two different enemies – the Anbu Assassin and the Anbu Naruko!

Anbu: Unlike Naruko, Anbu is a character who uses ninjutsu as a weapon. Anbu ninjas not only have strong attacking power but also have high defense and health. Therefore, when fighting against the Anbu Assassin, players must flexibly use various combos to ensure their own safety and achieve ultimate victory in the battle.

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