Exclusive Strategy: Must-Have Powerful Skill Combinations for Martial Arts Dream! (Breaking Limits: Crafting the Invincible Skill Combination for Martial Artists!)

Exclusive Strategy: Must-Have Powerful Skill Combinations for Martial Arts Drea

Exclusive Strategy: Must-Have Powerful Skill Combinations for Martial Arts Dream! (Breaking Limits: Crafting the Invincible Skill Combination for Martial Artists!) When it comes to martial arts dream, everyone knows that skills are crucial for martial artists. But if we match them well, the combat power will greatly increase! Today, let me introduce the must-have powerful combinations in the game!

【Martial Arts Combination】

First of all, we need to know that martial artists have various skill combinations during battles. Some skills are fixed while others are not, so players need to match them according to their needs to create strong combination skills!

Martial Arts Combination 1: Tai Chi Sword (Attack, Life Drain) + Indestructible Sword Technique (Attack and Defense) + True Qi Meridians (HP Bonus) + Diamond Seal Demon Dissolving Technique + Heavenly Mountain Six Yang Palms (Defense Bonus). The advantage of this skill combination is high output and the ability to cause continuous damage to the enemy. However, the downside is weak endurance.

Martial Arts Combination 2: Tai Xuan Divine Skill (Attack, Damage Reduction, Recovery) + Nine Yin White Bone Claw (Attack, Critical Hit)

The advantage of this combination is the ability to deal high damage and stun the opponent. Also, this combination has decent defensive capabilities and can withstand a lot of damage. The downside is relatively poor control, making it vulnerable to being quickly killed, so combining these two can be disadvantageous!

Martial Arts Combination 3: Bagua Fist (Attack, Life Drain)

The advantage of this combination is that it can provide a continuous healing effect for oneself and also cause continuous damage to the opponent! The downside is that the healing effect is not particularly good!

Breaking Limits: Crafting the Invincible Skill Combination for Martial Artists!

In “Journey of the Martial Artist”, to defeat the boss, besides understanding the essence of each hero’s skill combination, it is even more important to improve one’s own strength. To achieve maximum damage output, aside from understanding the characteristics of skill combinations, one needs to know how to create invincible combinations in order to maximize damage.

“Sword of the Soul” (commonly known as “Knife”): This skill is a unique weapon passed down since the establishment of the Ancient Tomb Sect, focusing primarily on Qi and Blood, with internal strength as a supplement. In battle, it can cause a large amount of damage to the enemy, sending them flying or knocking them back. In the late game, this skill can disrupt the opponent’s formation, creating more damage opportunities for the team.

“Hundred Birds Saluting the Phoenix”, “Nine Yang Divine Palm”, “Demon Transformation”, “Five Elements Fist” – these martial arts techniques are top-level attack skills in the early game. They can not only deal high percentage damage, accuracy, and critical strike to single targets but also deal high percentage defense to groups. They represent the characteristic skills of all martial arts and are a major goal for players in the game.

“Eight Trigram Stick Technique” (commonly known as “Stick”): This skill is the easiest for novice players to obtain in the early stages. Its attack method focuses on ranged area damage, posing a significant threat to the enemy. In the later stages, the attack damage of this skill will further increase, making the enemy’s defense capability exceptionally terrifying and preventing them from fully exerting their power, becoming a nightmare for fragile jobs!

“Dragon’s Song” (commonly known as “Flute”): This skill can attack single targets, causing damage while also having a certain stunning effect. This character has very strong crowd control abilities in the early game. When combined with the control abilities of other characters, it allows teammates to fight with ease, dealing tons of group damage. In the later stages, it can also disrupt the opponent’s lineup, delivering a fatal blow.

“Taizu Long Fist” (commonly known as “Staff”): The characteristic of this skill is the ability to cause high percentage damage and accuracy, while also having a strong life drain effect. It can restore one’s own HP after the battle, allowing for better endurance.

“Purple Cloud Divine Skill” (commonly known as “Jade Flute Scriptures”)

The main feature of this skill is the ability to cause a large amount of external martial arts damage to a single enemy, while also having a life drain effect, greatly increasing self-endurance. In battle, it can continuously inflict damage, making it the main martial art skill for players. It is recommended to prioritize learning because its attack range and speed are relatively fast, ensuring that players do not suffer too much damage during battles.

“True Strength Golden Bell Shield” (Combat) + “Pure Yang Seven Stars Decision” (commonly known as “Mysterious Ice Heart Sutra”): The Pure Yang Finger Technique was created by Shaolin Temple monks and is mainly used for auxiliary healing and buffing teammates, among other effects.

“Three Flower Gathering Top Bracelet”: This item is one of the secret manuals of Shaolin Temple’s Buddhist sect. The “Four Images Palm Seal” is one of the relics of Shaolin Zen. When using it, it can provide a shield protection for oneself that absorbs some external martial arts damage. It also deals a small amount of external martial arts damage to the surrounding enemies and has a short duration stun effect. It can effectively restrain the opponent’s burst capabilities and is an indispensable hidden weapon technique in Shaolin Temple, a rare secret in Shaolin Temple.

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