Reach the Top of Basketball and Become a Slam Dunk Master! (Challenge Limits and Experience the Fun of Real Basketball Games!)

Reach the top of basketball and become a slam dunk master! (Challenge limits an

Reach the top of basketball and become a slam dunk master! (Challenge limits and experience the fun of real basketball games!) Reach the top of basketball and become a slam dunk master! (Challenge limits and experience the fun of real basketball games!) The game has a very rich variety of gameplay, allowing players to choose their favorite tracks according to their preferences! Now, let’s introduce the game “Reach the Top of Basketball”!

【1. Opening Hours】

Everyday from 12:00 to 14:00; 19:00 to 22:30; 23:00 to 24:00

【2. Gameplay Instructions】

1. On the ranking mode interface, click on the ranking match to enter the game;

2. After a successful match, you will enter a 1 vs 2 battle map. In the map, you can score points by shooting, while also earning certain points. At the end of the match, your ranking will be based on your score. Winning will earn you more points.

3. At the end of the match, players will receive a large amount of gold rewards, as well as special titles and exclusive avatar frames!

4. Before each match starts, players can check their current season match results. During the match settlement period, players can claim personal rewards and season rewards. The higher your rank, the more abundant the rewards!

5. Season Rewards: After the season ends, players can claim season rewards based on their rank points in the current server. Rank points will be reset every Monday at 4 AM.

Challenge Limits and Experience the Fun of Real Basketball Games!

Challenging limits is one of the joys of real basketball games. Challenge your own basketball skills in the game and enjoy the fun of real basketball games!

“Challenge Limits” is a competitive mobile game set in a realistic basketball background, allowing players to experience real basketball. Here, you will find various types and difficulties of challenges that require you to take on. The opponents you challenge are controlled by AI, and only those with true strength can surpass the limits of the challenges!

【Challenge Limits】

“Challenge Limits” adopts a 3v3 team match format. Players will be randomly matched with a teammate and other players for an intense and exciting match. Players can join the match at any time or choose to join other teams for matchmaking battles.

After the game starts, the system will provide you with 4 opponents to challenge. Within 4 minutes, you will be placed in front of the finish line (other members of the same team cannot be placed in the finish line anymore). You will face 5 waves of attacks. Your body and arms will constantly glow and brighten during the game. At this time, you need to try your best to find a suitable defensive position and make breakthrough moves. When there is a weakness in the defense, the system will automatically help you pick and roll; if there is a significant change in the color of the defense, the game will prompt you to “change your defensive lineup!” Don’t miss the chance to challenge~

After a successful challenge, players will receive generous rewards and experience points. After the challenge ends, they will also receive additional rank bonuses based on their personal performance. Reaching a certain score can also earn exclusive titles. In the personal profile page, you can view your personal card and the server-wide personal rank, and also claim massive gold rewards. Enter “Challenge Limits” now and experience real basketball games!

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