Royal Guard Army Chinese version download: Defend the empire, ultimate showdown! (New surprises! Royal Guard Army Chinese version download is online, leading your legion forward!)

Royal Guard Army Chinese version download: Defend the empire, ultimate showdown

Royal Guard Army Chinese version download: Defend the empire, ultimate showdown! (New surprises! Royal Guard Army Chinese version download is online, leading your legion forward!) The gameplay of Royal Guard Army is a tower defense type game, where players need to place their troops in the right positions and place towers to attack when enemies approach, while also protecting themselves from monster attacks. In the game, players need to defend against attacks from monsters and bosses by placing their own buildings and protecting themselves. The game is easy to play with exquisite graphics, rich and diverse content. There are various professions to choose from and mix and match, different heroes, different factions and troops, as well as different types of weapons, making the battles more interesting.

In “Royal Guard Army”, players can build various defense towers to hinder the enemy’s attack while ensuring they are not defeated by the monsters. Players can build multiple defense towers in the game to stop enemies from jumping down from high places. Players need to continuously upgrade their defense towers to enhance their abilities and protect themselves from harm and destruction. The game uses the classic tower defense mode, allowing players to defend by placing different turrets and building many different turrets to damage enemy units. The heroes in the game are divided into melee heroes, ranged heroes, and magic heroes. Melee heroes can cause a lot of damage to enemy units, while magic heroes can summon spells to assist in attacks. Players can also build defense towers to intercept enemy assaults, providing a better output environment for our backline heroes.

There are many levels in the game waiting for everyone to play. Players need to play the game at different time periods, and each level requires certain skills. For example, at the beginning of level 5, players need to eliminate enemy forces within 5 seconds. Players need to eliminate all the monsters within about 8 rounds to succeed, otherwise, they will fail. In addition, players need to pay attention to their heroes during battles because the skills of heroes are also very important. Without the cooperation of heroes, it is easy to die, so players need to use heroes and troops reasonably to resist monster attacks and achieve victory.

The above is the introduction of the “Royal Guard Army” mobile game brought to you by the editor, hope you like it!

New surprises! Royal Guard Army Chinese version download is online, leading your legion forward!

New surprises! The Chinese version of Royal Guard Army is online, leading your legion forward! (☆_☆) It is the latest sequel to the massive tower defense strategy mobile game masterpiece “Royal Guard Army” under NetEase. The game is based on the classic stories “The Legend of the Bible” and “Magic Academy” and introduces a new adventure mode “Diablo”.

In the upcoming new version, “Royal Guard Army” will be available on iOS and Android platforms! It also supports cross-zone battles, real-time competition, and other gameplays. In addition, the game will be optimized and performance improved for mobile devices. In the new version, players can not only experience more diverse tower defense gameplay and more novel and fun features but also experience more interesting PVE gameplay and more exciting PVP battles.

As a highly popular work that combines social, tower defense, and casual gameplay, “Royal Guard Army” has unique innovative designs. During the game, players can not only use their own wisdom to form their favorite defense lineup but also form different attacking teams with different troops, constantly expanding their own strength and making it difficult for opponents to withstand. In the game, players can collect resources, buy various equipment and props in the store to strengthen themselves and achieve victory on their journey! Various buildings in the game need to be upgraded by players to improve their attributes. The higher the level, the more building materials are required.

In addition to the main storyline and missions in the game, there are also many special events waiting for players to participate in. For example, during Wednesday to Saturday, “Royal Guard Army” will initiate a series of welfare activities, including daily check-in rewards, daily login rewards, etc. These welfare activities include gold coins, gems, diamonds, and other generous prizes! In the game, players can improve their strength by completing daily tasks, achievements, arenas, ranked matches, and gain a lot of experience for leveling up in the upcoming adventure journey.

After this update, “Royal Guard Army” will also launch a new chapter called “Monster Invasion”, where new levels will appear. In the new chapter, players need to eliminate waves of monsters to achieve ultimate victory. Before clearing the level, players can use gold bars or gems to purchase items that can help them grow better in the game. In the adventure, players can also challenge other players to win more money and obtain additional treasures.

In addition to the above content, the official also prepared a lot of generous gifts for everyone! On September 15th, as long as you log into “Royal Guard Army”, you can receive a super luxurious gift package! Moreover, during the seven days before the official opening, players can receive a mystery gift every day.

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