Burning Battlefields in the Divine Demon Continent, Igniting a New War! (Divine Demon Continent’s Firearm Heroes Strike, Igniting a Combat Adventure!)

Burning battlefields in the Divine Demon Continent, igniting a new war! (Divine

Burning battlefields in the Divine Demon Continent, igniting a new war! (Divine Demon Continent’s firearm heroes strike, igniting a combat adventure!) Burning battlefields in the Divine Demon Continent, igniting a new war! “Divine Demon Continent” will officially initiate a new round of “Flame War” activities on December 13th at 20:00! In the heated firearm confrontation, warriors will face new enemies, new battle rules, and more challenging gameplay. Now, let me introduce the detailed content of this event to everyone!

[Participation Method]

Click on “Activities” on the main interface.

[Activity Time]

December 13th to December 14th, 20:00~22:00 daily;

[Participation Level]

Players who reach level 50 can participate.

[Activity Details]

1. In the Flame War, warriors will face powerful bosses from different races.

2. Gunpowder and poison gas possess powerful abilities, and warriors need to cooperate with each other in battle to achieve victory.

3. Each camp has its own powerful boss, and warriors need to assist each other to achieve the ultimate victory.

[Activity Rewards]

Complete weekly quests, reach a certain level of activity for each hero, and you can receive rich rewards.

Divine Demon Continent’s Firearm Heroes Strike, Igniting a Combat Adventure!

In the world of “Divine Demon Continent,” players’ favorite is the firearm hero. As a long-range damage dealer, firearms have strong burst and control abilities. In PvE, they have outstanding performance, and in the arena, firearms can unleash powerful damage and control skills. Let me introduce the character of the firearm to everyone!

[Character Background]:

He comes from ancient times and is a brave and skilled adventurer. To help those who were forced to leave the kingdom, the firearm began to learn combat skills and became a great warrior. The firearm’s strength and wisdom are unmatched.


1. High attack and defense, close-range attack, can deal huge physical damage to targets;

2. High evasion, strong agility, can cause a large amount of physical damage to surrounding enemies;

3. Strong burst, skills come with stun effects;

4. Large attack range, skill damage is extraordinary.

[Skill Analysis]

Normal skill: Flame Storm

Shoot a flaming ring forward that lasts for 3 seconds, causing a large amount of magical damage and physical damage to all targets within a certain range.

Special skill: Firearm Assault

Jump forward and continuously shoot three times with a long gun, causing magical damage.

Special skill: Frenzy Strike

Swing the weapon forward and stab, causing a large amount of magical damage.

Ultimate skill: Fatal Blow

Rapidly rotate the long gun in your hand to cause multiple physical damage to the surroundings and deal huge physical damage to enemies.

[Recommended Equipment Attributes]

The firearm’s equipment attributes are divided into two types: physical penetration and physical critical damage. Each piece of equipment has its suitable attribute. Of course, if there are no better equipment options, other attributes can also be chosen.

[Gameplay Explanation]

The firearm’s gameplay has two aspects: monster hunting and PvP. Monster hunting requires combat using a weapon. Only by defeating monsters can players progress to the next level; PvP requires cooperation between players.

[Skill Combination]

When playing dungeons and arenas, players can choose the order of skill releases based on their character’s positioning. For example, for players who like to fight bosses, firearms can be paired with area-of-effect skills from magic classes, such as Hell Lightning and Dark Invasion; for players who enjoy PvP, firearms can be paired with tank-type pets, such as the Tauren Chieftain’s taunt skill or turning all enemies into mummies.

In PvP, players can also consider using a healing-type companion as the front-line to protect teammates and then unleash crazy damage from the back-line.


The firearm has strong survivability, so in PvP battles, players can utilize positioning and control skills to avoid opponents’ control effects and ultimately achieve victory.

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