CrossFire Pyramid: Conquer the Peak and Become the Top Shooting Player! (Break Limits, Climb the CrossFire Pyramid, Explore the Thrilling Game World!)

CrossFire Pyramid: Conquer the Peak and Become the Top Shooting Player! (Break L

CrossFire Pyramid: Conquer the Peak and Become the Top Shooting Player! (Break Limits, Climb the CrossFire Pyramid, Explore the Thrilling Game World!)CrossFire Pyramid: Conquer the Peak and Become the Top Shooting Player! (Break Limits, Climb the Thrilling Game World!) Today, the editor will take you to understand the gameplay of the Pyramid map in CrossFire Mobile.

1. Background Story

As a team-based competitive FPS mobile game, “CrossFire” has a breakthrough advantage in the “bombing” aspect. Whether it’s team cooperation or individual combat, players can experience intense gunfight atmosphere in the Pyramid scene. For players who enjoy playing the bombing mode, the “Pyramid” map is undoubtedly a great blessing. It is not only a classic work in “CFM” but also highly popular among many CrossFire players, especially in the “CrossFire Gold Edition”.

2. Map Introduction

1. Map name: Pyramid

2. Recommended level: 30 and above (including level 30)

3. Opening time: Every Tuesday and Friday from 20:00-22:00

4. Map introduction: Two small buildings on both sides connect the main road leading to the Pyramid, forming a complete architectural complex. In the center of the map, there are four floors of small buildings and two cottages. The two buildings have different floor types, with one staircase leading to the next floor, and a large circular platform on the other side leading to the second floor. From the diagram, there are two routes connecting the two parts of the Pyramid.

3. Weapon Recommendation

Due to the complex environment of the Pyramid map, we recommend using rifles as weapons. The recommended weapons on this map are rifles, which are the mainstream and dominant rifles at the moment, with the advantage of ample magazines. On the other side of the Pyramid, there are three high platforms where we can choose suitable armor based on the enemy’s capabilities. The recommended armor on this map includes helmets and leg guards.

Of course, the armor in the Pyramid will not have much impact on us. We have many boxes around the Pyramid, and there is something similar to a balance on top of the boxes. Our grenades and smoke bombs are placed behind these items. Therefore, in terms of weapons, it is recommended for players to use close-quarters combat weapons as the main choice, so as not to be too embarrassed during battles.

Of course, if you have better choices, you can leave a comment below to let us know~

Break Limits, Climb the CrossFire Pyramid, Explore the Thrilling Game World!

Along with the continuous release of “CrossFire: Gunfight King”, more and more players are starting to explore the Pyramid map. The Pyramid is defined as a “high-risk” area in the game, with extremely complex environment and a challenge zone that many players find difficult to reach. Today, we will introduce this map.From an overall perspective, the Pyramid is a distinctive area with various obstacles, houses, and buildings. Among these obstacles, there are numerous weapons and ammunition, and the most difficult to detect are the various boxes and small wooden doors inside the Pyramid. If players can master jumping skills well, they can quickly climb to the top of the Pyramid and achieve ultimate victory![Gameplay Introduction]When reaching the highest point, players can obtain a close-range sniper rifle. However, it should be noted that if players fail to reach the optimal height during the jump, they will fall directly, so players must ensure their own safety when using it, otherwise they will be vulnerable to enemy attacks.[Gameplay Analysis]Inside the Pyramid, there is a platform similar to a staircase. Players can climb to the top of the building through this platform, which serves as the entrance to the Pyramid. On this platform, players need to carefully observe the surroundings and opponents, as they may be vulnerable to damage during the jump.In addition, players can also jump from the platform to the top level. Here, players can see a huge pillar under the Pyramid. After jumping onto the pillar, players can crouch and make good use of this advantage. On the high platform, players can also effectively avoid attacks.Apart from the platform, players can also use the walls on the ground to jump up. After reaching the platform, players can see a circular elevated structure where many enemies are present. Players must pay attention to their own safety when passing through this elevated structure.[Conclusion]In the game, in order to reach the top of the Pyramid, players must master climbing and jumping skills as well as positioning ability. Only through these two operation techniques can players reach the top. Therefore, players must pay attention to safety during the jumping process.

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