The Bracelet of Suffocating Lament: Return to the Journey of Despair (The Bracelet of Suffocating Lament: Brave the Dark Maze)

The Bracelet of Suffocating Lament: Return to the Journey of Despair (The Brace

The Bracelet of Suffocating Lament: Return to the Journey of Despair (The Bracelet of Suffocating Lament: Brave the Dark Maze) The Bracelet of Suffocating Lament: Return to the Journey of Despair (The Bracelet of Suffocating Lament) Bracelet: Brave the Dark Maze (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/AMD Radeon HD 7770X)

“Rust Lake” was designed and produced by the famous artist Santoro Sanrō, and it was announced on June 20, 2013 that the well-known artist Shui° participated as the supervisor.

This work is a first-person horror-themed adventure puzzle game. The protagonist of the game is trapped on an island and embarks on a strange and dangerous journey to escape the shadows on the island… The story of this work takes place in a city full of bizarre atmosphere. Players will play as a young boy or girl and experience a thrilling and unsettling world. At the same time, you will also feel the close connection between life, death, and reality!

The Bracelet of Suffocating Lament: Brave the Dark Maze

This tutorial introduces The Bracelet of Suffocating Lament: Brave the Dark Maze, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

“I know you want something.” – The protagonist Amit from “The Disgusted Man” embarked on a journey to find his dream. “My ideals” and “dreams” are one of the things they always long for in their hearts! The game has 5 levels of mazes, each with different rewards. Each level passed can earn corresponding money and experience points.

Chapter 1: [Master of the Desert] ☆

In Chapter 2, the protagonist will set off with the little dragon.

“Why is this…” – “The Undying Undead” tells the story of Amit saving the old man Eis who was trapped by monsters underground. He turned into a rat and used it to catch prey and escape from the forest. However, during the adventure, he encountered an enemy of the mysterious organization “Wizard Guild” and let her join his team to fight for her treasure.

Chapter 2: [Shadow of the Netherworld] ☆

In Chapter 3, the protagonist and the succubi arrived at the cemetery together. In the deepest part of the cemetery, a large skeleton wearing black clothes guards this room. In the room, there is a glove with glasses and a sword hilt. This sword hilt is a long spear made of metal, cast from two iron ores. It has a very cool and domineering appearance, and it can also emit light.

Chapter 3: [Queen of Eternal Night] (BOSS)☆

In Chapter 4, the protagonist encounters another powerful boss again. During the boss fight in Chapter 4, he and Reognigel were summoned to the castle together. He needs to protect the villagers in the village from harm. However, due to his abilities, he unavoidably suffers too much damage. So, he starts to take revenge on the guardian and, under his guidance, defeats him and obtains his heirloom “Blood Essence”.

Chapter 5: [Apostle of Death] (Boss)

In Chapter 6, the protagonist meets Helena and others. “Helena’s love comes from her friends who once had human civilization and mythological characteristics!” – “Goddess of War”. In Chapter 7, he leads the villagers of the entire village to the underground prison to repel demons and finally kills the poor little boy. However, he does not know that he is a man. After the story develops to this point, the entire storyline comes to an end.

Chapter 6: [Beast King] (Boss)★★★

In the beginning of Chapter 6, Helena also came to a ruin. In the ruins, there is a place where a giant snake lurks. It is full of evil and terrifying conspiracies. In this part, players need to talk to NPCs, complete tasks, and solve puzzles.

Chapter 6: [Endless Termination (EX)]★

In Chapter 6, after the protagonist has a confrontation with the crew, Helena discovers another secret passage, the secret room. Here, players can find a box that contains various props. After opening it, players can get a key, which contains an equipment. Players can put these equipment in their backpacks and use them in the equipment slot.

Chapter 6: [Holy Grail Knight] (BOSS)★

In Chapter 7, the protagonist leaves the sealed land with his companions. On the right side of the sealed land, there is a huge altar and a power mechanism.

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