Proudly dominating Huashan – Emei: Dancing with the wind, overlooking the peak!

Proudly dominating Huashan – Emei: Dancing with the wind, overlooking the peak!

Proudly dominating Huashan – Emei: Dancing with the wind, overlooking the peak! Today, I bring you an introduction to Emei in the game “Proudly Dominating Jianghu”. Emei is a sect that is well-liked by many players because of its powerful long-range output ability and control skills, which many female players enjoy!

“Proudly Dominating Jianghu” mobile game is a 3D martial arts action mobile game. In the game, Emei appears as female characters who have extraordinary body techniques, gorgeous moves, and beautiful figures. They also have a highly mobile role with shining golden light, truly living up to the name of “dancing with the wind and playing with knives”! Now, let us take a look at the character profile and features of Emei!

Proudly Dominating Jianghu – Emei: Overlooking the peak with the flow of mountains and rivers, pointing the sword to the heroes of the chaotic world!

Emei, known as the number one gang in the martial arts world. She has a high level of understanding and infectious power in Buddhist studies since childhood. The Emei Swordsmanship is not only exquisite, but its moves are also exceptionally gorgeous. It is known as one of the “thousand-year heritage” in the Jianghu with its long internal strength.

[Sect Introduction]

Emei of Shu Mountain is located at the summit of the five famous sword sects in the Central Plains, in the middle of Song Mountain, consisting of the sun, moon, stars, and constellations. In the original work, Emei is represented by characters from the Qi lineage. Emei disciples uphold nature and follow the righteous path. They excel in using double knives, possess extraordinary speed, and have a wide attack range. Since its establishment, Emei has been continuously improving itself and forging deep friendships with major sects, striving to enhance its status. However, it seems that due to some undisclosed hidden truths, internal conflicts within Emei have become increasingly intensified…

[Special Skills]

Emei has four professions: Tang Clan (male), Hengshan (female), and Hengshan (male).

As a long-range output hero, Emei not only has excellent control abilities but also has a very long attack distance. In dungeon farming, it can effectively consume and suppress enemies. In PvP battles, Emei can protect herself and teammates, playing a greater role in team coordination.

Above is the related strategy for “Proudly Dominating Jianghu” mobile game that I bring to you today. Have you all understood it? I hope this strategy can help everyone. For more mobile game strategies, please follow our mobile gaming website!

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