Decrypting Fairy Shoes: Exploring the Secrets of the Immortal Path! (Unique World: Immortal Path Fairy Shoes Shines on Stage!)

Decrypting Fairy Shoes: Exploring the Secrets of the Immortal Path! (Unique Wor

Decrypting Fairy Shoes: Exploring the Secrets of the Immortal Path! (Unique World: Immortal Path Fairy Shoes Shines on Stage!) Today, the editor will explain the gameplay of this game to everyone, let’s take a look together if you’re interested.

“Immortal Path” is a casual puzzle mobile game with ancient and modern culture as its theme, occupying an absolute position among domestic players. “Immortal Path” mobile game inherits the core gameplay and features of the PC game, and classic plays such as “Seven Swords”, “Nine Heavenly Pinnacles”, “Making Trouble in Heaven”, “Farewell My Concubine” are favored by many users. With the recent updates, the developer has continuously explored content such as “Fairy Clothes and Magical Weapons”, “Gathering of Spiritual Energy”, and “Five Elements Order”. And today, “Immortal Path” mobile game launches a new activity – “Fairy Shoes and Magical Weapons” which will bring more exciting and fun game content, including the new fairy cultivation mist exploration gameplay – “Fairy Shoes and Magical Weapons”. Let’s understand this activity and how to participate.

[Opening Time]

Opens from December 24th 12:00 to December 26th 24:00 (only available on the same day)

[Participation Method]

In the game, you can enter 3 times daily, just click the start button.

[Reward Description]

In the Fairy Shoes and Magical Weapons event, on Saturday evenings at 8 o’clock, different amounts of activity chests will be distributed based on the player’s level, strength, realm, and combat power. Players can receive corresponding task rewards and various rare items by obtaining the amount of activity.

During the event, players can earn activity points by completing daily activities. When the activity points reach 100, 300, and 500, players can respectively receive Fairy’s Tenderness Pill, Law Body Fragments, and a large amount of silver coins.

When a player’s activity points reach 150, they can receive 10 random quality Golden Essence Pills; when the activity points reach 200, they can receive 30 Immortal Mount advanced materials. At the same time, they can also exchange for high-quality equipment or items in the Immortal Guild Store.

[Activity Rules]

1. Players can receive corresponding activity point rewards at the activity point chest once per day. Each player can only receive activity rewards once per day.

2. During the event, players can click the “Activity Point Chest” button at the bottom of the main interface to open the activity point chest.

3. The “Immortal Path” task refreshes at midnight and players can earn activity points by completing the corresponding tasks. When the activity points reach a specified amount, they can receive corresponding titles.

4. Both “Challenge Mode” (Normal) and “Hard” difficulties can be entered to earn activity points by clearing levels.

5. After the event ends, players can obtain different titles based on their points ranking.

6. If a player’s points are below 500 before the event ends, their points will be cleared.

7. In “Immortal Path Challenge” (Nightmare/Hell/Purgatory difficulties), players can choose one instance, and once selected, it cannot be changed.

8. The instance is divided into two stages, and players can choose to challenge by themselves. Players can challenge the “Immortal Trial” for free once a week, and can also spend a small amount of copper coins to purchase additional attempts.

Unique World: Immortal Path Fairy Shoes Shine on Stage!

As we all know, Immortal Path is a mobile game based on the background of Journey to the West, and in its featured systems, there are many interesting designs, such as equipment upgrades, skill releases, and more. The new version “Fairy Shoes and Magical Weapons” is also one of them.

Fairy Clothes and Magical Weapons

The new expansion of “Immortal Path”, “Martial Sword Passion”, “Heavenly Sect”, and “Qing Palace”, will bring a whole new experience of immortal clothing, allowing you to embark on the cultivation journey starting from the first stage!

When the character reaches level 41, they can obtain the first immortal weapon – “Seven Star Jade”.

Fairy power +300, attack +10%.

Fairy aura +500, critical hit +15%.

Fairy defense +200, accuracy +15%, dodge +15%, stun resistance +10%.

Fairy physique +400, defense +5%, tenacity +5%, counterattack +5%.

Fairy magic +600, attack +10%, health +10%.

Fairy attack +400, physical attack +5%, critical damage +5%.

Fairy blood +700, attack +5%, physical piercing +2%.

Fairy speed +900, defense +4%, block +2%.

In addition, the new version will also introduce a new mount: the Dragon Horse, with an extremely domineering appearance!

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