Decrypting Ancient God Ruins, Conquering the Wisdom Storm! (Original storyline, experience the wisdom storm of Shenwu!)

Decrypting the ancient god ruins, conquering the wisdom storm! (Original storyl

Decrypting the ancient god ruins, conquering the wisdom storm! (Original storyline, experience the wisdom storm of Shenwu!) The game is based on classic maze exploration, telling the story of the struggle between humans and the black dragon and elf races. Players play as a heroic character who saves the world and embark on an thrilling adventure against the evil demon clan. Today, let me introduce the decryption of the ancient god ruins and the conquest of the wisdom storm!

1. Open new gameplay: Ancient God Ruins

【Event Name】: Mystery of the Ancient Gods

2. Unique gameplay:

1. The ancient god ruins are a new type of maze exploration mobile game.

2. The game includes various types of mazes, each with its own unique characteristics.

3. In the maze, players can engage in fun interactive activities such as treasure hunting and quizzes, as well as unlocking various hidden levels.

3. Experience new fun in team formation

1) The ancient god ruins are divided into two factions.

2) Each team can only have one companion on the field.

3) Each lineup can have up to 6 companions on the field. Players can freely choose their preferred characters. Different characters have their own characteristics, making it easier to form a team.

4) In the ancient god ruins, there are multiple battle stages, each with corresponding hints. Players need to carefully observe the enemy’s actions and strategically use skills to unleash their full potential.

4. Innovative challenges for new fun

1) Each level of the ancient god ruins has fixed rewards. By entering the entrance to the next level, players can obtain the rewards for that level.

2) The entrance to the next level is located in the main menu – tasks – activities – adventures. Clicking on it will reveal the entrance to the next level.

3) When players complete all areas of the current map, they can open the portal to the next level. After entering the portal to the next level, players can choose to continue to the next level or leave the challenge.

4) Each level of the ancient god ruins contains a treasure chest. Players can open the chest by defeating all the monsters on that level. The chest contains abundant resources and items, as well as some random events. For example, by killing a certain number of monsters, players can open a new portal.

Original storyline, experience the wisdom storm of Shenwu!

Shenwu Wisdom Storm is a unique strategy storyline game that offers players a whole new level of fun and excitement in battles! Today, let me introduce the original strategy gameplay of Shenwu Wisdom Storm mobile game!

As a game with a Journey to the West theme and role-playing genre, “Shenwu” offers a plethora of exciting content, with its most notable feature being the rich strategic gameplay and innovative scenes.

In battles, players can choose freely, but only the best strategy can lead to ultimate victory. The player’s progress in battles also requires continuous leveling up and challenging strong enemies together with their companions.

Players will experience thrilling and exciting adventures in the game. The player’s battle process requires constantly improving their own abilities and challenging powerful monsters to obtain higher-level equipment and skills.

Players can open the game interface by clicking on the task button on the game interface, and then find the “Storyline” button on the right side of the task bar.

The storyline is a core gameplay feature in “Shenwu”, where the growth of each character is closely related to other characters. Players can experience different storyline stories in the game and explore various story clues, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of the game’s world and character backgrounds.

In addition to the storyline, players can also see a small map function in the main interface. Players can view the attributes of the characters on the small map and determine the dungeons or battles they want to enter based on their current level.

In addition, there is a hidden battle gameplay in the game. Players can team up with friends to challenge and defeat enemies through battles.

Players can open the companion interface by clicking on the “Companion” button on the main interface, and then view their companions and their own combat power through the “Team” function.

Furthermore, there are peculiar prop systems in the dungeons, which players can use to enhance their character attributes.

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