Analyzing the skills and tactics of Yuki Onna, becoming a true Onmyoji! (Challenge the cold winter, Yuki Onna: A top-tier Shikigami worth obtaining!)

Analyzing the skills and tactics of Yuki Onna, becoming a true Onmyoji! (Challen

Analyzing the skills and tactics of Yuki Onna, becoming a true Onmyoji! (Challenge the cold winter, Yuki Onna: A top-tier Shikigami worth obtaining!) For many Onmyoji players, the choice and combination of Shikigami is crucial. In this update, the official has added a new skill for Yuki Onna, Snowball Rolling Attack. What is the mechanism behind this skill?

【One】 Snow Memories: Deals 138% damage to all enemy targets and has a 100% basic chance to stun the target for 1 round; For every 1% of health lost, Yuki Onna’s damage is increased by 2%.

【Two】: Ice Storm: Yuki Onna’s normal skill, deals 180% damage to a single enemy and has a 30% chance to freeze them.

【Three】(Four) Frost Descends: Summons frost to fall on the target area, dealing 100% damage to units within the area and has a 50% chance to reduce their defense by 40%.

All four of these skills are output-based skills, allowing Yuki Onna to deal damage to all enemy targets. Moreover, these four skills are all very powerful skills.

【Five】 Perception of Winter: Marks all enemy units, causing damage to the targets when marked. Also has a 25% chance to slow down all enemy units, stacking up to 3 layers.

From the above, it can be seen that Yuki Onna is a hero very suitable for prolonged battles, capable of dealing fatal damage to opponents.

However, Yuki Onna also has certain weaknesses, such as the low trigger frequency of her skills and the inability to trigger critical hit effects. This makes the skill casting frequency of Yuki Onna very slow, making her easily counterable.

【Six】: Rock Crush: Yuki Onna swings her greatsword forward, dealing 105% damage to enemies within the frontal range.

These two skills are very useful skills. Yuki Onna can deal a significant amount of damage to enemy lineups. However, this effect requires enough orbs to cast; otherwise, it may cause damage overflow.

These two skills are also very powerful. Yuki Onna can produce terrifying effects and can reduce the damage she receives while the enemy Shikigami takes damage.

Therefore, in terms of team composition, Yuki Onna can be paired with supportive DPS Shikigami or tank-type DPS Shikigami, such as Shouzu and Hiyoribo, to provide assistance to teammates in battle.

Overall, this update greatly strengthens Yuki Onna, and the strength of Yuki Onna is believed to be understood by all Onmyoji players.

Challenge the cold winter, Yuki Onna: A top-tier Shikigami worth obtaining!

“Challenge the cold winter, Yuki Onna: A top-tier Shikigami worth obtaining!” is a strategy mobile game with a Western fantasy story as its theme. In the game, players will play as a magician and an icy warrior, engaging in battles in harsh environments. Yuki Onna’s skills revolve around frost attacks, capable of dealing damage to enemies and applying negative effects such as slow and stun. Players can customize and cultivate Yuki Onna according to their preferences, making her one of the strongest DPS in the team.

As a powerful long-range magical DPS with high burst damage, control, and survivability, Yuki Onna can unleash extraordinary strength in battles. Not only can she summon a powerful frozen barrier, she can also summon a huge ice cone to crash onto the ground, dealing massive AOE damage. Yuki Onna’s passive skill also possesses decent area control effects and crowd displacement, effectively limiting enemy actions. The ice balls summoned by Yuki Onna in battle can not only cause massive AOE damage to targets within range but also freeze opponents, causing continuous damage over a certain period of time. Yuki Onna’s role on the battlefield is incredibly powerful.

Yuki Onna’s skills are mostly area attacks with decent damage, making her suitable for use as a support in team compositions. When forming a team, Yuki Onna is best paired with other spell-type heroes. This way, when facing bosses or strong enemies, Yuki Onna won’t be too fragile. Additionally, Yuki Onna has great survivability, able to provide continuous buffs to the team.

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