Follow Louis Koo and enjoy the green world! (Greed is Blue, Legend Reborn is imminent!)

Follow Louis Koo and enjoy the green world! (Greed is Blue, Legend Reborn is im

Follow Louis Koo and enjoy the green world! (Greed is Blue, Legend Reborn is imminent!) Follow Louis Koo and enjoy the green world! The mobile game “Greed is Blue: Legend Reborn” will start a new round of closed beta testing on August 12th. The game incorporates new gameplay elements on the basis of the PC version and also introduces a new system – the equipment enhancement system. Equipment enhancement not only improves the basic attributes of the equipment, but also allows it to gain higher levels of power, allowing players to experience richer combat pleasure and more interesting gameplay in the game. Now let me introduce the “Follow Louis Koo” feature in the game.

The “Follow Louis Koo” feature in the game is actually very simple. After players enter the game, they can find the “Follow Louis Koo” button in the upper left corner of the game interface, below the “Character Avatar – Character Image” section. By clicking on it, they can enter the equipment enhancement page. Players can view various aspects of the equipment’s information and level in the equipment enhancement page of the game.

In the equipment enhancement page, click on the “Equipment Enhancement” icon on the right side to open the equipment enhancement page. In the equipment enhancement page, you can see that the equipment’s enhancement level is from 1 to 5. The higher the enhancement level, the better the equipment’s attributes. Of course, the higher the enhancement level, the greater the difficulty, so players must grasp it well, because once the enhancement fails, they will waste an opportunity.

In addition to enhancing equipment, there is also a “Lucky Rune” in the lower right corner of the equipment enhancement page. When the Lucky Rune is opened, players can randomly obtain a purple or gold equipment. The quality of the Lucky Rune ranges from white, blue, red to orange. There are four types of Lucky Runes: Normal Blessing Runes, Advanced Blessing Runes, Perfect Blessing Runes, and Excellent Blessing Runes. The higher the quality of the Lucky Rune, the more opportunities there are to obtain Lucky Runes. There are two ways to obtain Lucky Runes: 1. Obtain them through treasure hunting activities; 2. Obtain them through the in-game store. The types of Lucky Runes are: Lucky Blessing Rune, Excellent Blessing Rune, Fine Blessing Rune, and Epic Blessing Rune, which correspond to ordinary, excellent, exceptional, and perfect qualities respectively. Only purple quality can obtain Perfect Blessing Runes. Opening Lucky Runes requires consuming a certain amount of gold coins. Players who do not have enough gold coins can exchange them for gold coins using bound ingots.

In the game, players can freely change the weapons, equipment, and props they want, and according to different needs, they can also wear different armor, accessories, and special titles. These are very important gameplay elements in the game.

Greed is Blue, Legend Reborn is imminent!

In the game, players can experience the most exciting blood-filled battles and enjoy the most thrilling and satisfying combat pleasure.

“Greed is Blue” provides a rich welfare activity for new players. Players can enter the “Flame City” during the event and kill bosses to obtain experience and gold coin rewards. At the same time, they can also obtain a large number of equipment materials.

In addition, “Greed is Blue” also provides players with rich welfare benefits. Players can receive double experience and money rewards when entering the event map!

In “Greed is Blue”, do you want to grow quickly? Do you want to become a legendary king admired by thousands? Do you want to have more awesome operations? Do you want to become stronger quickly? Hurry up and enter the event, and start a real blood-filled journey!

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