Return to the Battlefield, Experience the Historical Peak! (Fire and Fury: Thousand-Year History Reenactment, Let You Become a True War Hero!)

Return to the battlefield, experience the historical peak! (Fire and Fury: Thous

Return to the battlefield, experience the historical peak! (Fire and Fury: Thousand-Year History Reenactment) takes you on a legendary journey through the era of Warring States. In addition to battles, you can also experience the stories of the past and immerse yourself in a grand epic war feast!

[New Game Modes]

Classic 3v3 gameplay allows you to fully experience the thrill of real combat! “Return to the Fire” is a “Three Kingdoms Unmatched” strategy card mobile game published by Tencent. “Fire and Fury: Thousand-Year History Reenactment” will lead players into a new historical stage, from the Yellow Turbans, the Chu-Han Contention, to the struggle for dominance in Eastern Wu. The game also incorporates unique PvP gameplay, such as matchmaking and rank systems, allowing you to participate in intense battles anytime, anywhere for honor. There are also various interesting and distinctive unit combinations for you to engage in deadly combat with enemies.

[Exciting Storyline Unveiled]

“Fire and Fury: Thousand-Year History Reenactment” features dozens of famous generals. The game uses a new 3D engine to perfectly present classic scenes from the original work, giving players a refreshing feeling and a strong sense of Chinese elements. In addition, the game implements real-time multi-line operations, introducing rich strategic combinations such as cooperative skills and QTE combos, aiming to provide a better immersive experience for the audience. In the game, you can choose your favorite hero character for each scene and create your own formation.

In addition, the game has a unique “Cross-Server Confrontation” system, allowing you to compete with friends to test your strength. The game features multiple countries, factions, allies, and also world bosses for everyone to challenge. Players can engage in real-time PK battles on the battlefield, enjoy the exhilarating multiplayer melee fun, and obtain rich treasure rewards.

Fire and Fury: Thousand-Year History Reenactment, Let You Become a True War Hero!

Since its release, “Fire and Fury” has received extensive praise and popularity from players. Its rich strategic gameplay provides an extremely immersive gaming experience. In history, the wars between the Wei and Wu kingdoms were known for victory belonging to the strong. However, under the Three Kingdoms theme, it is unacceptable due to the different military tactics, troop types, positioning of generals, skill attributes, and lineup combinations!

[Eternal Emperor: The Revival of Contenders]

It is well known that among the heroes of the late Eastern Han Dynasty, there were three gentlemen, Cao Ren (Cao Cao), and Liu Bei. They were all heroes with extraordinary skills and remarkable achievements. However, they were not good at military strategy and tactics, but they could make use of their abilities.

[Mighty Leader: Lu Bu/Sima Yi]

The “invincible” Lu Bu and the phrase “angry enough to tear off one’s hat” cannot be left out. “Overwhelming” and “unmatched in courage”.

Lu Bu is a mighty archer, armed with a bow and crossbow, holding a giant halberd. He is known as the first strategist of the Three Kingdoms period;

Sima Yi is a genius who can not only use mechanical arts on the battlefield but also summon long-range attacking troops such as Huang Zhong. As the most famous military strategist in the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang is hailed as the “treacherous minister” of troubled times.

In “Fire and Fury”, Lu Bu and Sima Yi, these two famous generals, both belong to the Wei Kingdom and possess powerful output capabilities. In history, their existence also became the most important rivals in the competition for power of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, so they were included in “Fengyun II: Demon Slayer”.

[The Terminator of the Wise: Yuan Shao/Zhao Yun]

In “Fire and Fury”, both Xu Shu and Sun Ce were born under the command of Xiang Yu, the Hegemon King of Chu. Although they have not many similarities in history, they are still a reliable couple in terms of battle power. “Returning with Grae Sand”: Increases attack power by 20% when fighting alongside Chen Deng.

As a general who excels in both offense and defense, “Fire and Fury” has a very challenging combat style!

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