The Strongest Lineup Revealed in the Game “Three Kingdoms: Rise of Warlords” in 2020! Exclusive Combination Strategies that Break the Mold!

The Strongest Lineup Revealed in the Game \”Three Kingdoms: Rise of Warlords\” in

The Strongest Lineup Revealed in the Game “Three Kingdoms: Rise of Warlords” in 2020! Exclusive Combination Strategies that Break the Mold! Believe it or not, many players are not very familiar with this aspect. Next, I will introduce the strongest lineup strategies in the game “Three Kingdoms: Rise of Warlords” in 2020! These daring combinations and tactics break the traditional winning methods! If you’re interested, come and learn more

First, Faction Counter

In the game, players need to consider the faction counters, so it is important to pay attention to the lineup combinations. Otherwise, it will be impossible to counter the opponent.

Second, General Combinations

1. Tank in the front row + DPS (such as Guan Yu, Zhou Yu, Taishi Ci, etc.)

The tanks in the front row are usually defensive generals like Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun, who can provide good protection. On the other hand, generals like Zhou Tai and Lu Bu, who are strong in attributes, can be placed in the back row and contribute to high damage output.

2. Control generals in the front row + DPS generals (such as Sun Ce, Lu Xun, Lu Meng, etc.)

These generals can provide certain control abilities in the front row, while the DPS generals have high burst damage potential. Without these DPS generals, it is difficult to achieve victory in battles.

3. DPS generals + Healing/Support + DPS generals (such as Liu Bei, Huang Yueying, Zhuge Liang, Diao Chan, etc.)

Healing generals usually have recovery skills, so it is recommended to include a healing or support general in the lineup, such as Zhen Ji, Wang Yuanji, or Jiang Wei.

Third, General Bonds

1. General Bond Relationships

In “Three Kingdoms: Rise of Warlords,” there are many general bond relationships, and each player can bring three generals. Therefore, players need to consider the bond combinations among generals to maximize the lineup’s combat power and achieve victory in team battles.

2. General Combination Bonuses

Each lineup will have a bonus related to a specific general, so when arranging the lineup, it is recommended to prioritize the general’s bonus to enhance the overall attributes of the lineup.

The Strongest Lineup Strategies Revealed in “Three Kingdoms: Rise of Warlords” in 2020! Subverting the Traditional Winning Methods!

“Three Kingdoms: Rise of Warlords” is currently one of the most popular strategy war mobile games. In this game, players can build their own army to confront other players. With the arrival of 2020, there are more and more games based on the Three Kingdoms theme, and the combination of generals and their lineup is crucial. So, how should the lineup be arranged in this situation?

1. Infantry + Archer

This combination is currently the mainstream in the current version. In the early and mid-game stages, there are usually more infantry units, making it difficult to find units that can counter them. Moreover, infantry units can withstand a large amount of damage in the late game, allowing them to quickly eliminate enemies.

Although infantry units are typically focused on individual combat, it is important to choose a shield-bearing infantry unit in the front row to absorb damage and protect the back row generals. This ensures that the team can endure more damage.

2. Cavalry + Spearman

This lineup is a classic combination. In the early and mid-game stages, cavalry generals play a vital role. However, they are easily killed by enemy archers in the late game. Therefore, it is best to pair them with infantry or spearman units. This combination requires a strong front row to avoid being easily defeated by enemy archers.

3. Support + Tank

Support generals are rarely seen in the current season because their roles are not very prominent. They heavily rely on skill bonuses for damage output. Therefore, when dealing damage, it’s important to choose support generals. Otherwise, the effect may not be as desired.

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