Fly to the Sky and Experience the Excitement and Challenges of Air Patrol Missions! (Add Wings to Patrol Missions and Experience a Different Kind of Fun in the Air Game!)

Fly to the sky and experience the excitement and challenges of air patrol missi

Fly to the sky and experience the excitement and challenges of air patrol missions! (Add wings to patrol missions and experience a different kind of fun in the air game!) “Sky War” is Tencent’s first flying shooting casual mobile game. On March 21st, the “Sky Patrol” gameplay will be launched, where players will play as a pilot and participate in various fun activities in the sky, experiencing unique battle modes.Air patrol missions are one of the contents of this update. Players who complete air patrol missions can not only receive rewards but also unlock exclusive costumes and pet skins! In addition, air patrol missions have their own special tasks: the pilot will say everything they want to say to you, or ask if you want help.Air patrol missions are divided into three levels: “Normal” and “Hard” levels. Players can choose the difficulty according to their personal preferences.Completing missions will reward players with corresponding rewards, as well as abundant experience points and money rewards.A special reminder is that after completing missions, you will receive an extra treasure chest. Opening the chest can give you an additional random piece of equipment, with a certain chance of obtaining purple or orange items.Add wings to patrol missions and experience a different kind of fun in the air game!In the “Add Wings to Patrol Missions” mobile game, have you experienced a different kind of fun in the air? The editor will bring you the most authentic experience! The four classic gameplay modes of “Arknights”, “Mythology Legend” (abbreviated as “Dragon Raja”), “Adversity Brings Life”, and “The Guardian’s Soul” (abbreviated as “Xianxia”) allow players to fully experience the thrill of aerial combat.”Add Wings to Patrol Missions” refers to players completing a series of patrol missions on the map. For example, players may encounter a small NPC with a red dot above their head on the map. This NPC is called a police officer or inspector. If players accidentally touch these NPCs, they may be arrested directly!The gameplay of “Adversity Brings Life” is similar to that of “The Guardian’s Soul”, but the gameplay is different! Players need to evade trackers and protect their own safety in the map in order to successfully clear the level!In this action-adventure mobile game, players can play as detective characters to explore and fight. During the exploration process, players will randomly trigger special events. For example, encountering the assassination of a certain detective character, players can get rich rewards by defeating them, and even have the possibility to save their brother or sister.

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