Innovative Gameplay of the Ghost Story Mobile Game’s Knight Astonishes Everyone (The Powerful Secrets of the Knight! The Must-Not-Miss Divine Class in the Ghost Story Mobile Game)

The innovative gameplay of the Knight in the Ghost Story mobile game astonishes

The innovative gameplay of the Knight in the Ghost Story mobile game astonishes everyone. Today, the game’s update introduces a new class, the Knight. The Knight is the most unique class in the Ghost Story mobile game, as it excels in both output and damage resistance. It can serve as a tank and a controller in the team. Now, let me introduce the Knight’s new gameplay. I hope you all like it!

[Skills Section]

Innate Passive Skills:

[Tenacity]: Increases physical defense.

[Breaking Army]: Increases shield-breaking ability.

[Greedy Wolf]: Increases defense-breaking ability.

[Invincible Talisman]: The Knight’s ultimate skill, it can block enemy damage and immune all damage.

[Chain Strike]: Deals a large amount of physical damage to multiple targets.

[Tiger Leap Formation]: The Knight’s AoE skill, can charge towards enemies and deal a large amount of damage to them.

Talent Skills:

[Seven Kills · Locking Demon Tower]: Increases the Knight’s basic attack and defense, and increases damage to enemies.

[Ghost Bell][Flowing Cloud Art, Xuanwu Displacement]: Enhances the Knight’s attack abilities.

Talent Skills:

[Money Monger]: Increases the Knight’s defense ability.

[Divine Weapon]: Enhances the Knight’s defense ability.

[Iron Cloth Robe] (Weapon: Spear): Increases the Knight’s physical defense.

[Kirin Arm] (Weapon: Gauntlet): Increases the Knight’s physical damage reduction ability.

[Swift Steps] (Weapon/Footwear): Greatly increases the Knight’s movement speed.

In the Ghost Story mobile game, the Knight is classified as a melee tank and controller. The Knight possesses high health and defense capabilities, and also has certain controlling effects which can cause trouble for enemy players in team battles. In a team, a competent Knight can lead their teammates to victory!

The Powerful Secrets of the Knight! The Must-Not-Miss Divine Class in the Ghost Story Mobile Game

In the Ghost Story mobile game, there are numerous classes, and the Knight is one of them. The Knight is not only a tank in the game, but also an important role in team battle output! Today, I will introduce and analyze some gameplay of the Knight.

[Positioning: Melee Physical AoE]

In the Ghost Story game, the Knight is an indispensable force in the team. They can withstand damage and deal sustained damage to enemies. At the same time, they can provide defense buffs for their team, making themselves the main tank in the lineup. In a team, the Knight is a powerful tank that can both withstand and deal damage.

[Advantages Analysis]: As a tank, the Knight has strong survivability. In team battles, they can provide powerful protection effects for their teammates.

[Disadvantages Analysis]: In terms of damage output, the Knight’s attack range is not large, but their high-damage skills allow them to easily handle most battles.

[Recommended Operating Skills]: The Knight is relatively simple to operate. As long as players are familiar with the Knight’s skills and can skillfully perform their combos, they will become an unstoppable force on the battlefield and deal devastating blows to enemies.

[Recommended Equipment Selection List] (For civilian Knights only)


One-Handed Sword







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Above is the introduction of the Knight’s gameplay in the Ghost Story mobile game. I hope the above answers can provide some help to the players. Please stay tuned for more exciting information and strategies in the Ghost Story section on the website.

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