Unraveling the Mysterious Secret Letter of 2021 Onmyoji: Bizarre Truth Exposed! (In the Shadow of the Secret Letter: Revealing the Tactics of Capture the Flag!)

Unraveling the Mysterious Secret Letter of 2021 Onmyoji: Bizarre Truth Exposed!

Unraveling the Mysterious Secret Letter of 2021 Onmyoji: Bizarre Truth Exposed! (In the Shadow of the Secret Letter: Revealing the Tactics of Capture the Flag!)

1. Introduction to the Event

1. Gameplay Overview: The event is divided into the Gathering Phase and the Battle Phase. During the Gathering Phase, all players on the server cooperate to fight against the BOSS, while the Battle Phase involves cross-region matches divided into preliminary rounds and finals.

2. Gameplay Rules

(1) During the event period, players can choose one difficulty level to participate in each day. The event starts at 20:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, and players need to choose the appropriate difficulty level based on the game situation.

(2) After the match starts, both Onmyoji players receive a mark (which can be exchanged for various rewards). If both players have the same number of marks, they can obtain higher-level marks.

(3) Players can choose to use the Shikigami provided by the system or the ones they already own.

(4) During the battle, participating Shikigami will consume their own HP. When their HP is depleted, they will be considered defeated.

2. Event Gameplay

1. Challenge Time

The Gathering Phase is a 1v1 battle, while the Battle Phase is a 4v4 3v3 mode. It officially starts at 21:00 on Sundays, and the matches take place from 19:00 to 22:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Duel Phase is a 2v2 duel, divided into five divisions:

【Red】: Level 40 and below (including level 50), level 40 to 60 (including level 70).

【Blue】: Level 50 and above (including level 65), level 55 to 75 (including level 80).

2. Scoring Rules

After the match ends, both players receive points based on their performance. The points determine the victory or defeat:

【Blue】: Victory: 200 points, Defeat: Deduct 10 points.

【Purple】: Victory: 250 points, Defeat: Deduct 20 points.

【Orange】: Victory: 300 points, Defeat: Deduct 25 points.

3. Event Strategy

1. Event Entrance

Click on the Jizo statue in the courtyard to enter the event map. Inside the map, you can see three points: Gathering, Soul, Battlefield.

The event map has four locations: Gathering, Soul, Battlefield.

Each point has corresponding event rewards.

Click on the right side to claim the rewards. (Note: You can only claim the second-tier rewards after claiming the first-tier rewards!)

At the end of the event, rewards of different levels are given based on the point ranking.

2. Battle Process

The Gathering Phase is a 4v4 3v3 battle.

The battle process is as follows:

Gathering Phase: Both players compete in a 3v3 match based on their own Shikigami and Spirit Array.

Duel Phase: Both players initiate the match by clicking on the button in the lower left corner (the opposing player needs to defeat one of the player’s Shikigami before launching subsequent attacks).

In the Shadow of the Secret Letter: Revealing the Tactics of Capture the Flag!

The “Secret Letter: Capture the Flag” is a large-scale multiplayer battlefield where personal strength matters. Here, you can choose to participate in solo matches and cooperate with a team, or play with friends and battle against other players in the game.

Once both sides’ flags on the game map are occupied, victory on the battlefield is achieved. Different flags are distributed throughout the map, and both sides need to compete for one of the flags to win. When one side’s flag is occupied, the other side’s flag will be captured, and both flags will turn white.

On the map, players need to pay attention to their own flag. If the opponent does not occupy their flag, their flag will be partially lost, and the opponent will take it. Therefore, after capturing a flag, it is important to quickly take back the opponent’s flag.

When the enemy’s flag is in their territory, their flag will be in their territory as well. If the opponent’s flag is taken, your flag will turn green, and the opponent’s players will try to take your flag. Therefore, it is important to quickly retrieve your own flag.

After capturing the opponent’s flag, your team will be in a passive state, allowing you to use tactics to enhance your abilities. For example, if your team has two tank heroes, you can place the tank heroes in the front line to withstand the enemy’s firepower and use their skills to weaken the output damage of the enemy’s solo hero.

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