Divine Weapon! Comprehensive Guide to Dream Journey Artifact (Dominating the Rivers and Lakes! Guide to Crafting Dream Journey Artifacts)

Divine Weapon! Comprehensive Guide to Dream Journey Artifact (Dominating the Riv

Divine Weapon! Comprehensive Guide to Dream Journey Artifact (Dominating the Rivers and Lakes! Guide to Crafting Dream Journey Artifacts) Many players are not clear about this area. Next, I will introduce the Divine Weapon! Comprehensive Guide to Dream Journey Artifact (Dominating the Rivers and Lakes! Guide to Crafting Dream Journey Artifacts) for everyone who is interested.

1. About the Divine Sword

There are two types of divine swords, ordinary and advanced. Ordinary artifacts can be used to enhance character cultivation, while advanced artifacts can be used to increase spell damage. Therefore, for ordinary players, the divine sword must be upgraded and requires the consumption of special props called “Five Gems,” which can be directly purchased in the mall.

2. The Function of Artifacts

Artifacts can provide a large number of attribute bonuses to characters and can also play a huge role in battles. However, please note that each person can only carry one artifact, which means you can only carry two artifacts to use.

3. Acquiring Artifacts

Currently, there are two ways to obtain divine weapons. One is through stalls, and the other is through activities. However, as these activities are time-limited, it is still a bit difficult to obtain advanced artifacts.

4. Strengthening Divine Weapons

Strengthening artifacts requires the consumption of strengthening stones and silver coins. Strengthening stones can be obtained through daily activities or dropped in dungeons. Strengthening stones can be purchased or synthesized through stalls. However, please note that the enhancement level cannot exceed the character’s level. If the character’s level is lower than the enhancement level by 5 levels, the enhancement may randomly decrease or downgrade.

5. Crafting Artifacts

Crafting artifacts requires the consumption of certain materials and equipment. Crafting equipment requires Divine Weapon Crafting Books and corresponding artifact crafting symbols. These materials can be directly purchased from the mall, and Divine Weapon Crafting Books can be obtained through activities and dungeons. Synthesizing artifacts requires the corresponding crafting symbols.

6. Special Skills of Artifacts

Artifacts have different special effects, and each artifact has its corresponding special skill. For example, the skill of the Dragon Palace artifact is water attack, and the skill of the Mount Putuo artifact is healing. Therefore, you should consider carefully when choosing.

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Dominating the Rivers and Lakes! Guide to Crafting Dream Journey Artifacts

The artifact system of the mobile game “Dream Journey” has been popular since the era of the PC version. It is believed that many players are looking forward to this system. With the launch of the new version “The Gathering of Swords and Heroes,” many players are also preparing their own guide to crafting their desired divine weapons. How can you obtain your desired divine weapon?

【Enhancement and Crafting – Exclusive Weapons】

As we all know, in the game, the artifact system is one of the characteristic gameplay elements of the mobile game “Dream Journey”. It not only adds special attributes to player equipment but also provides significant combat benefits. After the artifact system was introduced, each sect in the mobile game “Dream Journey” will have its own exclusive artifact—Swordsman, Shaman, and Fairy. Each sect’s corresponding exclusive artifact has its unique appearance.

【Five Gems Crafting – Exclusive Magic Treasure】

Compared to Five Gems crafting, players can increase the success rate of crafting artifacts in the game by using Five Elements Stones and Nine Turn Golden Pills. Players can use Spirit of Divine Beasts, Roses, Colorful Fruits, and other materials for crafting, and these items can be obtained through stalls and the mall.

【Gem Inlaying – Exclusive Special Skills】

In the mobile game “Dream Journey,” if players wanted to customize their own character’s equipment, they must have all five types of special effects equipment inlaid. When players have enough level 5 gems, they can then inlay Five Elements Stones or Nine Turn Golden Pills on the weapon, allowing them to become a master of special skill equipment that is exclusive to their character and truly achieve self-improvement.

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