PSP Gaming Bus: Unveiling the little-known hidden secrets of games! (PSP Gaming Bus: Taking you back to classic game memories!)

PSP Gaming Bus: Unveiling the little-known hidden secrets of games! (PSP Gaming

PSP Gaming Bus: Unveiling the little-known hidden secrets of games! (PSP Gaming Bus: Taking you back to classic game memories!) Today, the editor will introduce to you the “PS Gaming Bus” revealing the little-known hidden secrets of games!

First of all, let’s talk about the game’s plot. In the previous works, players have already known about “オース(おる)、その後子” and “異風時” and so on. This work is created by the popular Japanese manga artist Fujii Takahiro. From the original work to now, it seems to be a topic of great interest to people.

In this game, players will play as the protagonist Takanashi and Shiro, embarking on an adventure and challenging boss levels together with other characters. In the battles, players can obtain a large amount of rewards and experience various combat techniques. Additionally, there are many interesting details worth mentioning in this game: it offers many great items to choose from.

In the content released this time, “術護者に代~全日文版~” is a mobile game based on the classic Japanese anime series “史蒂夫を追随た踏脚石” (S.P). Although the game itself doesn’t have anything particularly special, its graphical style is outstanding. The game also has a high level of difficulty, requiring players to spend a certain amount of time to become familiar with this action game.

In addition, the game includes an exciting feature. That is, in “怪兽大作战” (C.P), players will engage in tactical battles with enemies and continuously use their weapons to attack. Each time an opponent is defeated, an extra turn is obtained. The game’s ending also displays the special effects that this game possesses. For example, when the enemy’s battle power reaches over 10W, the “超强必杀” will be triggered. Additionally, the game adds “★3连携技” (★3 combo skills). As long as you equip this move, you can obtain additional effects at the beginning of the match.

In addition, a new element revealed in this game is the “光束射线炮” (B.P). This new item can shoot beams to damage the target and can also paralyze them for a period of time. However, it can’t be used before attacking. Moreover, when using this skill, the player will consume MP and HP and MP will not recover.

In this game, there are also some rare things: there are two different modes, one is the PVE gameplay in free mode; the other is the appearance of “终末地牢” (End Dungeon), “神器之路” (Artifact Road), or the teaming up with friends in the “地下城” (Underground Dungeon) after players have challenged the “深层空间” (Deep Space) many times. These all belong to the PVE stages in free mode.

Furthermore, there are many fun features and content waiting for everyone to experience in this game. For example, “ノンタークレイジ” is used in PVE stages.

Finally, in this game, players can use “召唤魔像” (Summon Golem) and “召唤骷髅王” (Summon Skeleton King). These items can help players revive within a certain period of time and gain various abilities and attribute bonuses after revival, including HP, HP recovery, and magic recovery, etc.

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