Rebuilding the Career Path of The Legend (Darius: The Ultimate Player or Exposed Weakness?)

Rebuilding the career path of The Legend (Darius: The Ultimate Player or Exposed

Rebuilding the career path of The Legend (Darius: The Ultimate Player or Exposed Weakness?) Rebuilding the career path of The Legend ( height=10 width=1)>

In previous versions, Darius, who was once known as the “strongest top laner,” had always maintained a high win rate. Although he was an extremely outstanding mid-lane hero, his playstyle was different from the conventional mid-laners. In the game, he was more like a support hero, but also resembled a warrior.

Now, in the new expansion of “League of Legends” – Season 7, Darius has finally encountered a new turning point, and it’s not a problem for him whether he’s a newbie or an experienced player! As a former designer and a veteran jungler, Darius is full of confidence in the most exciting and challenging climbing mechanism in the current competitive scene. With the change in game pace and the improvement of players’ skills and experiences, it will become more diverse and enriched.

However, after this update, Darius will no longer be the most popular top lane hero in the current ranking games. Although his pick rate hasn’t changed, his performance in the early stages of the game is exceptionally dominant. Especially for novice players, Darius can easily execute various strategies by utilizing his arsenal of around 10 skills, achieving first blood or turning the tide of the game, and possesses strong control abilities that make it difficult for enemies to resist.

Although Darius’s damage output is not outstanding, he has exceptional burst potential and can directly assassinate squishy heroes in team fights to secure victory. For experienced players, his frequent skill releases can have a great impact in team fights. Moreover, his control skills can help teammates control the enemy’s position, creating more opportunities for counterattacks.

It is worth noting that Darius’s skill prediction requirement is very strict, and he needs to pay attention to his positioning while using skills. If he fails to dodge enemy control skills in time, it’s easy for him to be locked down, disrupt his rhythm, and lose the advantage of his own abilities.

In the recent KDA tournament on the new map, Darius became the first champion in the history of the World Championship, thanks to his outstanding performance and excellent skills. In this update, Darius not only gains more powerful control abilities and control methods but also creates a better competitive environment for the team, leading them to victory in the final match.

In the new version, we have also seen many new gameplay mechanics, new content, and some possible surprises waiting for everyone to explore. We believe these are the things Darius will face next!

Darius: The Ultimate Player or Exposed Weakness?

Today, the editor brings you the video of Darius in “League of Legends.” As a hero who has appeared in the game, Darius has attracted considerable interest and curiosity from many players. So, how does he demonstrate his strength? Let’s take a look together:


As an excellent tank hero, Darius has strong laning abilities in the early game. However, due to the lack of mobility and control, he cannot one-shot powerful ADC opponents. Therefore, when facing ADCs with strong crowd control abilities, Darius needs to be cautious.


Although Darius has powerful burst damage output, he lacks control skills and control methods. Therefore, when facing enemies with strong team fight capabilities, he should try to avoid being burst down.


Darius’s control and burst are excellent, but when facing enemies with numerous crowd control skills and strong team fight capabilities, he needs to pay attention to his positioning to avoid being focused. Therefore, to play Darius well, one must have a clear understanding of the game situation.

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