Guide to Extreme Challenge for Hidden Tasks in Miracle 2 (Unique Fool Game: Miracle 2 Fresh Gun Hidden Task Guide)

In the mobile game Miracle 2, players can earn corresponding activity points by

In the mobile game Miracle 2, players can earn corresponding activity points by completing daily tasks. After reaching a certain level of activity, players can receive rich rewards and achievement rewards. Among them, the reward from the activity box is the most generous, but it is important to note that players can receive a new activity box for each completed daily task, and the items that can be obtained from the box are also very good.

After completing the daily tasks, players can earn a certain amount of activity points. When our activity points reach a certain number, we can receive corresponding rewards and achievement rewards. In addition to the daily activity rewards, players can also earn activity points rewards. Once our daily tasks are completed, the activity point box will open, and players can receive a certain amount of bound diamonds, coins, and some equipment enhancement items. The reward for bound coins is quite considerable.

In addition to daily tasks, in the game Miracle 2, there are many hidden tasks waiting for warriors to discover. These hidden tasks are quite challenging, so players must pay attention to the prompts at the bottom of the task interface if they want to complete them.

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Unique Fool Game: Miracle 2 Fresh Gun Hidden Task Guide

Unique Fool Game: Miracle 2 Fresh Gun Hidden Task Guide, I believe many friends are not very clear about this. Next, I will introduce Unique Fool Game: Miracle 2 Fresh Gun Hidden Task Guide. Interested friends can come and learn about it.

First of all, it is important to understand that this continuous generation card is a “magic weapon” in the game! The appearance of this continuous generation card brings infinite sense of challenge and excitement to players, and at the same time, this continuous generation card has strong combat power.

For example, when players reach level 80 in the first class, they can open a legendary epic card “Astimak” in the card pack. If players want to upgrade Astimak to Rank 3, they need to collect 10 fragments for exchange.

For the legendary quality Altoria, players need to collect 100 fragments to unlock, and it takes 200 fragments to obtain Ashira.

Of course, the cards in the card pack are not only cool in appearance, but also quite precious props. For example, in the Adela Cabarosa card pack, there is a legendary key, and this key needs to be obtained by constantly drawing lots! This legendary key can directly unlock the special treasure chest of “Ashley Mage”.

After obtaining it, players can use the key to open the legendary card in the card pack. However, players must be aware that they can only get rare legendary equipment when they open this mysterious treasure box.

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