National Carnival, Bubble Brawl shines!

National Carnival, Bubble Brawl shines! \”National Carnival\” is a very unique mo

National Carnival, Bubble Brawl shines! “National Carnival” is a very unique mobile game, not only has many innovations in gameplay, but also tests the patience of players! This time we recommend the new activity, Bubble Brawl, which I believe everyone knows how fun it is. Now let me introduce it to you.

【New Activity: Bubble Brawl】

“Bubble Brawl” is a new casual competitive and fun activity, players can earn a lot of rewards by participating in Bubble Matches and Ladder Rank Matches. The activity will be held from August 15th to August 21st, from 20:00 to 22:00 every day. During the activity, players can participate in Bubble Brawl activity for up to 10 times per day. After completing daily missions, they can receive corresponding amounts of Stardream Crystals, a large number of coins, diamonds, and other items. Players can participate in Bubble Brawl activity every day, and can receive up to 30 Stardream Crystals and 1000 points. At the same time, bubbles will be automatically generated at regular intervals. At the end of the match, rankings will be based on the scores of individual players and all members of the team. The higher the score, the higher the ranking and the more abundant the rewards. Players can also participate in the daily leaderboard to receive exclusive titles, cool avatar frames, and other precious gifts~!

Feel the unique fun of Bubble Brawl, with the collision of passion!

“Collision of Passion” is a 3D side-scrolling fighting game with competitive mobile gameplay as its core. The game adopts a unique real-time battle system, allowing players to have real-time online PK with other players on the same screen and experience the most exciting team battles. There are also various interesting casual modes waiting for you to participate~!

【Gorgeous and cool graphics】

“Bubble Brawl” is an entertainment project in “Collision of Passion” that is unique and innovative. In this competition, each player has their own unique charm and fighting fun. Players can choose their favorite character appearance and skills to match, and enjoy the refreshing and exciting arcade action in the game. At the same time, “Collision of Passion” also sets up an exclusive avatar frame system for all participants, so that each participant will have a unique avatar frame.

In addition to the cool and leaky avatar frames, the character designs in “Collision of Passion” are also very distinctive: handsome guys, cute tomboys, adorable lolis, etc. These character designs can not only be purchased with coins or diamonds, but also triggered by special skills during battles, allowing players to experience different visual feasts.

In addition, players can also experience different gameplay in “Bubble Brawl” competition, such as exciting combo attacks, unlimited gravity control, and other rich gameplay different from ordinary competition. In addition, “Collision of Passion” also has some interesting gameplay, such as various random levels, various item rewards, and some mysterious shops.

【Exciting and thrilling gameplay fun】

In addition to traditional PvP gameplay, “Collision of Passion” also offers rich social gameplay in the arena. “Collision of Passion” also has many other fun content, such as various funny pets, costumes, mounts, weapons, and equipment. Players can freely choose and combine them to form the strongest team according to their own needs.

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