Top global teams gather, igniting the LOL viewing frenzy! (Unveiling tactical tips! Master the secret to victory in LOL viewing!)

Top global teams gather, igniting the LOL viewing frenzy! (Unveiling tactical t

Top global teams gather, igniting the LOL viewing frenzy! (Unveiling tactical tips! Master the secret to victory in LOL viewing!) Top global teams gather! Igniting the LOL viewing frenzy!

“League of Legends” international server had a grand livestream on July 13. Famous summoners from different regions and servers gathered at the event venue to experience the charm of the game together!

• The fiery World Championship Cup has begun

On September 27, the match will reach around 10 minutes. The competition will be divided into groups from 11 regions. The four teams composed of representatives from the mainland China region (BO5), players from the Korean region (BP), and members from the US region (CP) will compete against each other. At the same time, players from other major regions will also participate in the competition for the championship in this final round!

• Top global teams gather, battling for the championship and runner-up

As a seasoned commander, we hope to lead our favorite team with the strongest strength to conquer the global battlefield. However, besides strength and wisdom, teamwork is also crucial. The power of a team not only determines the direction of the entire game but also directly influences the final result. Therefore, we have prepared a brand-new battle strategy, allowing players to experience the joy of competition anytime, anywhere. To help everyone better understand the game situation, the “League of Legends” (Riot account: dota2gl/”>DOTA2) team will launch the “Cross-Regional Team Battle” version at the end of August, inviting members of various professional teams to participate and strive for glory and rankings in this event.

• All-Star audiovisual feast in the palm

With the arrival of the new season, “League of Legends” (Riot account: GOG) officially announced that it will hold a new All-Star audiovisual festival from December 3 to December 18. Here, you will experience extraordinary esports gameplay and stunningly beautiful event content. “League of Legends” is a highly popular mobile MOBA game.

Unveiling tactical tips! Master the secret to victory in LOL viewing!

Since its public beta, “League of Legends” has always been loved by players for its exquisite graphics, diversified hero characters, and excellent competitive fun. However, due to the fierce competition and strategic gameplay among top players, many players often get stuck in the spectator mode while watching the game. And victory in spectating can often bring players more experience points and gold rewards.

After entering a battle, players will enter a new scene, where many players will choose to confront each other. The most important thing is how to achieve victory and gain more experience points and gold rewards.

To achieve victory, it is important to understand the equipment you have. Before a battle, it is necessary to understand the type of equipment you possess, such as defensive equipment, offensive equipment, etc. The grade of equipment is also crucial. Different equipment provides different attribute bonuses. When choosing equipment, attention should be paid to its attributes. For example, for offensive equipment, I recommend using the Blade of the Ruined King as its skill effect increases attack speed and physical penetration. Other equipment is relatively average. If it is a basic attack, there is a certain difference in terms of attack power. For other equipment, I recommend using Infinity Edge or Hurricane, which can provide critical strike rate and movement speed bonuses, and in the early game, they can enhance your attacks.

For control-type equipment, I recommend using Rylai’s Crystal Scepter or Ghostblade. Both of these equipment can reduce the enemy’s armor and magic resist and also have a slowing effect. They are quite good for heroes who like to control opponents. For defensive equipment, I recommend using Righteous Glory or Flame of Vengeance. These two equipment can increase your health, physical defense, and magic defense. Of course, it is relatively easier to obtain this set of equipment, which is by killing monsters and participating in matches. However, these items will only appear after the match ends, and each player can only receive a maximum of 10 times per day. Therefore, players must cherish them!

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