Save Rock Kingdom: Capture the Beetle with Strategy! (Adventure Myth: Decrypting the Beetle’s Capture!)

Save Rock Kingdom: Capture the Beetle with Strategy! (Adventure Myth: Decrypting

Save Rock Kingdom: Capture the Beetle with Strategy! (Adventure Myth: Decrypting the Beetle’s Capture!) Many players are familiar with the gameplay of “Catching the King of Droppings” in the game, but what sets it apart from other mobile games like “Cat Lu”? Here, the editor will share with you how to capture the Beetle with strategy!

In the previous version, the images of “Laban Rat” (Stark) and “Meow Sauce (Columbia)” were different. The evolution forms of these two pets in the storyline mode were very cute little animals. After this update, they will face new challenges. Let’s see how to capture them successfully!

First, let’s understand the attributes of the three bosses in this update – “Laban Rat” and “Meow Sauce (Columbia)”.

Laban Rat has 100 HP, 150 attack power, and 130 magic attack. It has thick HP and two skills:

“Paralysis Potion” can immobilize the enemy and increase the damage taken by 10%.

“Invisibility Cloak” can be used while invisible, making it unable to be seen and unable to dodge, lasting for 3 rounds.

“Color-Changing Candy Gloves” can change colors before the battle.

The cat has 200 HP, 140 attack power, and 110 magic attack.

Meow Sauce has 400 HP, 90 magic defense, 105 speed, and 85 magic resistance.

The cat has 500 HP, 110 speed, 120 magic attack, 70 physical defense, 80 magic explosion, and 10 points of dodge.

Above are the related strategies about the “Cat Lu” mobile game brought to you by the editor.

Adventure Myth: Decrypting the Beetle’s Capture!

Adventure Myth “The Way the Beetle is Captured” officially launched on July 13th. It is a mobile game full of adventure and puzzle elements. The editor believes that this game is more suitable for people who don’t look at strategies to play, especially friends who like exploration and decryption types. It is definitely worth a try. Now, let me tell you how to solve the secret!

First, let’s talk about the cats. You will find a little guy named Meow Sauce – Meow Sauce! His name is Meow Sauce (Dog), so the cats call him “Beetle”. Meow Sauce is an honest person, but his hobbies are different. Because Meow Sauce often steals things from others, and each time he steals, he takes away some useful items or things. The cats also try their best to become stronger to bring security to their owners.

When cats are searching for food, they often encounter a situation: they are captured. If the little fish’s body is weak, then the cat is a very strong bird of prey, but it is very timid. At this time, what you need to do is find that black canister!

When players come to the second scene, they will find that the cats have run out again!!! Where is this place?!

In the map, there is a yellow circle, which is where the cats are. Players can find a clue here. There is a blue notebook on the right side, which says “Beetle Captured”. This book is the key to the cats’ escape from the disaster.

Next, you will find that the cats are chasing them again! This is the “Key of Falling into the Human World”! The cats start to run towards us again, and players need to help the cats avoid danger by rotating the perspective. However, the cats are not so lucky to escape this disaster!

Finally, when we reach the fourth level, we will encounter a monster with black circles – Shike Niang. This monster is our pet. This monster is our protagonist, the Beetle. This monster has very thick HP. However, players need to be careful when they see it, or they will be killed by the monster!

Finally, when players enter the sixth chapter, they will discover a wonderful world “Radar Station” – Radar Station. This is an important location for players to enter the next map. So, after you enter the Radar Station, be careful and observe, don’t startle your eyes, otherwise, it’s all for nothing.

Above is the content introduced by the editor today. I hope it will be helpful to you all.

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