Challenge the Limits and Control the Glacier Salmon School! (Exclusive Spectacle, Explore the Salmon Strategies in the Glacier!)

Challenge the Limits and Control the Glacier Salmon School! (Exclusive Spectacl

Challenge the Limits and Control the Glacier Salmon School! (Exclusive Spectacle, Explore the Pioneer in the Glacier!)

Game Background:

Hearthstone is a 3D action casual mobile game based on classic adventures. In this game, players will control the protagonist “Clown” to participate in car races. The clown controlled by the player will navigate on water and drive various props they have made themselves. The gameplay is simple and easy to learn, with players only needing to continuously tap the screen to control the clown’s movement and collide with ice blocks to complete the game.

Game Features:

1. The combination of props such as “Big-Eyed Frog,” “Snowman,” and “Pipe Bomb” will bring players different adventure experiences.

2. Rich levels and missions allow players to experience the most exciting and fun aspects of the game.

3. Various and interesting game modes allow you to fully enjoy the fun of the game!

Exclusive Spectacle, Explore the Salmon Strategies in the Glacier!

Ice Valley, as one of the most distinctive gameplay modes in “King of Glory,” has become extremely popular in the mobile gaming world. Recently, “Ice Lake Valley,” a new and entertaining casual game, has been officially launched on Tencent Video 3. By participating in the gameplay of this event, players can earn rich rewards. Today, we will introduce how to explore the salmon strategies in the glacier!

【Game Rules】

1. After entering the game, players click the button in the upper right corner to enter the map scene selection interface.

2. In the map scene, an ice block will be randomly generated every certain period of time. Players can move the ice blocks to the corresponding positions by slide operation.


1. Each ice block will drop coin, stamina, and other prop rewards.

2. Clicking on the water droplet icon on the ice block allows players to view the current score.

3. In the map scene, players can click the blue arrow above the ice block to jump to the next area.

4. Ice blocks will increase automatically over time. If players fail to click in time, the ice blocks will not be able to move.

5. There are various special effect props on the ice blocks. Players can choose and match them reasonably according to their preferences for better efficiency.

6. During the game, clicking on the ice cone on the left side triggers a combo. The higher the combo count, the more score rewards players will receive.

7. When players stay on the ice block for too long, they can manually switch. After switching, a green vortex effect will appear around the ice block. Players can quickly recover by touching it.

8. When staying on the ice block for too long, players will receive damage.

9. The longer the time spent on the ice block, the more energy will be consumed. If players want to stay on the ice block again, they need to wait for a certain time to continue moving forward.

10. When staying on the ice block for a certain period of time, players can use the “pinch zoom” function to reduce the speed of the ice block.

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