Challenge the Dream Journey District War and Explore Unknown Territory! (Ability Release! Revealing the New Gameplay of Dream Journey District War!)

Challenge the Dream Journey District War and explore unknown territory! (Ability

Challenge the Dream Journey District War and explore unknown territory! (Ability Release! Revealing the new gameplay of Dream Journey District War!) The mobile game “Dream Journey” has undergone maintenance today, and players above level 50 can now team up to participate in this test. The server is also about to undergo a major change – District War. This District War not only brings a new combat experience, but also introduces a new gameplay – exploring unknown territory!

【Opening Time】From May 28th, 2017 12:00 to June 1st, 2:00 PM.

【Eligibility】Players with a level of 55 or higher can participate.

In this update of “Dream Journey Mobile Game”, players can receive the task of challenging the unknown territory from NPC “Wang Guardian” (Chang’an City 141.115) in “Chang’an City”. This task is a daily task, and the weekly task can be completed multiple times (once per week).

During the battle, players can obtain various attribute points and have a chance to trigger abilities. For example, when a bizarre creature appears in a certain area, it will enter an invisible state. Players can use items to awaken it or gain special buffs in battle to enhance their strength. On the other hand, when a monster is defeated, players have a certain chance to enter a stealth state.

Although this version update did not bring much surprise, players can still look forward to it~

Ability Release! Revealing the New Gameplay of Dream Journey District War!

The new gameplay of District War in “Dream Journey” mobile game!

In the server of “Dream Journey 2”, players can participate in District War to obtain a large amount of money and experience rewards. At the same time, during the District War, players can also receive additional experience and money rewards.

In order to allow more players to participate in this cross-server PK battle, this District War will adopt a 3V3 battle mode. Players can choose their own team or participate as a full team. Although you cannot act freely like other people in the team, you can freely choose your teammates. As long as your opponents are weaker teams on your side, you will have a greater advantage in this battle – even if you are defeated by the opposing team, you can continue to advance with your strong team abilities!

In “Dream Journey 2”, besides the regular matches, there are many things that players need to pay attention to, such as after the District War starts, the system will automatically match players with similar strengths for this area, and when all your teammates are sealed, the system will teleport you to an empty place. In this way, as long as your level is high enough, you can fully experience the charm of “team PVP” in this battle!

In addition, because the tactical strategies in “Dream Journey 2” are very unique, many times players will lose or win due to uncertain factors, and once you lose a battle, the system will provide you with certain remedies based on the outcome of the victory or defeat, giving you time to consider your countermeasures. It is also worth mentioning that in the entire competition process, each player’s team can only have one member (including yourself), so if your team does not have a fixed teammate, you will receive message reminders immediately after teaming up for battle, and you can adjust accordingly at any time.

In addition, in order to allow more players to enjoy the most exciting “chaotic team battle”, this District War also introduces some new rules. For example, if the members of a player’s team have already entered battle before the battle begins, the system will assign them to their respective camps based on the highest combat power in the team. This rule may not be friendly to some low-level players, but for advanced players who want to win big with a small team, it can be very effective!

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