Challenge Onmyoji, Unveiling the Mystery of the Hidden Bookman Mask! (Ultimate Task in Onmyoji Mobile Game: Collect the Most Bookman Masks!)

Challenge Onmyoji, Unveiling the Mystery of the Hidden Bookman Mask! (Ultimate

Challenge Onmyoji, Unveiling the Mystery of the Hidden Bookman Mask! (Ultimate Task in Onmyoji Mobile Game: Collect the Most Bookman Masks!) In “Onmyoji”, many players are asking about the ultimate task of this game. What is it exactly? The answer is actually quite simple. First of all, the challenge of the Bookman Mask event is a gameplay where you collect various clues to solve the mystery. This gameplay offers many rewards and achievements, but there are not many hidden contents in this event. So what is the hidden mystery of challenging the Bookman?

First, let’s take a look at the little paper man on the head of the Bookman in the Shikigami Album. It is the Shikigami called “Shuoweng”!

So what is the final mask of the Shikigami called “Shuoweng”?

The answer is “White Tengu” in the Shikigami Album.

From the clues in the picture, we can see that the small eyeball on the head of the Bookman is the face of the White Tengu.

The face of the White Tengu is also called “Demon Horn”, which means the face of this character is “red”~

However, this little cat is also a very important prop in the game.

So, have the players noticed something hidden? That is the face of the Bookman.

The face of the Bookman is hidden at the bottom of the storyline.

The pattern of the two forks on the right side of the Bookman represents the name of a character.

Therefore, the hidden item is the Bookman’s mask. Do you find it mysterious?

Finally, in the gameplay “Barrier Breakthrough”, players need to reach level 30 to unlock it. And this hidden reward can only be unlocked by collecting enough fragments.

So players shouldn’t forget to complete these hidden contents during the game, after all, the game rewards are quite abundant!

In conclusion, the overall rewards of the game “Onmyoji” are quite good. As long as players collect enough Shikigami fragments and meet certain conditions, they can unlock all the rewards!

Of course, besides the above methods, the official of “Onmyoji” is constantly optimizing the game, allowing more players to find their favorite characters, and in “Onmyoji”, experience a more relaxed and pleasant journey!

Ultimate Task in Onmyoji Mobile Game: Collect the Most Bookman Masks!

As a classic role-playing game, Onmyoji naturally is highly regarded by players. And this game also has a lot of fun content. For example, in the latest updated version, Onmyoji Mobile Game also launched new activity missions, one of which requires players to collect the most Bookman masks. So how do you play this activity?

This activity is actually about collecting fragments of the Bookman, and players need to complete the task to collect a total of 10 masks. There are three levels of difficulty for this activity, namely Easy, Hard, and Hell. Players can choose the challenge according to their own situation and needs. The higher the difficulty, the higher the rewards.

This activity’s task is relatively simple. As long as players follow the guide to complete the task, they can do it quickly, especially for novice players. After all, there are many rewards in the game, especially the rewards of the Bookman mask, which is worth trying and exploring for players.

Therefore, players can choose the Shikigami they like to fight.

Above is the related strategy of “Onmyoji” mobile game brought by the editor today. Do you all understand it? Hope this strategy can help everyone. For more mobile game strategies, please follow our mobile game website!

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