Explore the Lost Valley, Original Walkthrough! (CrossFire Mobile New Map Lost Valley Full Analysis!)

Explore the Lost Valley, Original Walkthrough! (CrossFire Mobile New Map Lost V

Explore the Lost Valley, Original Walkthrough! (CrossFire Mobile New Map Lost Valley Full Analysis!) Explore the Lost Valley, Original Walkthrough! CrossFire Mobile New Map Lost Valley Full Analysis! Many players may not be familiar with this, so let me introduce the exploration of the Lost Valley and the original walkthrough of the game. Interested players can learn more about it.

1. Tips for passing the level:

1. There are many hidden treasure chests in the map, and we can use these secret spots to pass the level.

2. In the map, there are some high platforms that we can use to jump on, but we need to be careful and control our timing, or we might fall down.

3. When we are on the high platform, we can use the dash skill to move quickly on higher ground.

4. Another point to note is that we need to control the distance when using skills, especially when using the dash skill, as we might be vulnerable to enemy attacks.

5. There are some boxes on high platforms, and they are quite high.

2. Gameplay tips:

When playing this dungeon, it’s best to start by hitting the middle pillar and then go for the wooden planks above. If we see two pillars lined up in a straight line, we should use firearms, preferably rifles, because rifles have a slower fire rate and can cause more damage to these monsters, while also reducing our own health. We can hit one pillar first and then the other.

CrossFire Mobile New Map Lost Valley Full Analysis:

【Map Analysis】

The Lost Valley is a map that tests players’ reaction and positioning skills. It performs very well in the demolition mode. The overall structure of the map is simple, with many wooden boxes and rocks that can help players avoid enemy attacks. However, sniper rifles do not have a particularly big advantage in this map due to their slower fire rate. In addition to the tall pillars, there are many cover spots in the Lost Valley, where players are easily exposed to attacks. Therefore, players must use flash grenades flexibly to avoid these obstacles. There is also a small trick in the map: at the beginning of the game, players should quickly move to the position of the obstacles and then jump or crouch down, which can effectively avoid being attacked by others in battle.

【Battle Tips】

In the Lost Valley, it’s best to use single-shot mode when sniping, because there are many walls in the map. Players should try to choose single-shot mode when sniping to make their advantages more prominent. In the demolition mode, it’s best to use sniper rifles because they are the most suitable. If players use rifles in the demolition mode, they need to pay attention to their position and not stay in one place, as this will cause great damage to themselves.


The difficulty of the Lost Valley map is not very high, and the requirements for player operation are not too high. Players can operate according to their own needs in the game.

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