Explore the Forgotten Sea, Soar the Sky! (Decisive Battle in the Heavenly Ladder, Dragon Soul Legend!)

Explore the Forgotten Sea, Soar the Sky! (Decisive Battle in the Heavenly Ladder

Explore the Forgotten Sea, Soar the Sky! (Decisive Battle in the Heavenly Ladder, Dragon Soul Legend!) The mobile game “Explore the Forgotten Sea” will start its full platform beta test on August 21. In the game, players can explore the Forgotten Sea to obtain various rare items and rewards. Let’s take a look at this article below!

The mobile game “Dragon Soul Legend” is an adventure RPG game based on Greek mythology. Here, you can engage in intense battles with various different characters and monsters and obtain treasures. You need to constantly collect these materials and strengthen them to eventually build a powerful team to win this epic battle!

[Mysterious Land-Altira]: A giant secret area is hidden on the mysterious land, Altira. It is an ancient and legendary place. Here, there are countless sealed Warcraft guardians and many shape-shifting warriors with magical powers. You will engage in endless battles with them. You will obtain treasure chests and loot through battles with them and continuously grow.

[Mysterious Adventure-Ignas Island]: This mysterious adventure hides many unknown worlds, but it has more than one owner, and that is “Ignas.”

[Adventure Quests]: In this magical village, there is an NPC named “Aionion” who seems to be looking for a way to escape. Find his trace.

[Giant Stone Maze-Atlantis]: Atlantis has a total of two large mazes and three small mazes. They appear in different level chapters, and you must complete the corresponding main story to unlock the map and obtain a certain amount of silver coins and gold coins after clearing it. At the same time, there is a chance to obtain “Cassius Horn” and “Spirit Pearl,” which can be used to exchange for specific items.

[Challenge-Holy Sanctuary Square]: The monsters in this secret area are very powerful, but you need to defeat them within the time limit to obtain treasures!

[Trial Tower-Vesuvius]: The monsters in this trial tower are very strong, and you need to continuously challenge them to obtain more rewards.

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Decisive Battle in the Heavenly Ladder, Dragon Soul Legend!

“Dragon Soul Legend” is a 3D magical fantasy RPG mobile game, where players can play as warriors, mages, and assassins. In the game, you can freely team up for PVP battles, and there are also various PVE gameplay and PVP battle modes for you to choose from. In the ladder gameplay of the game, you can not only compete and spar with players from the same server but also obtain rich rewards. Now let me introduce it to you!

[Challenge the Ladder]

The PVP ladder mode of “Dragon Soul Legend” is divided into two modes, one is the “Duel Ladder,” and the other is the “Glory Arena.” When the character reaches level 30, you can click the “Ladder” button in the lower right corner of the main interface to enter the ladder gameplay. In ladder mode, players will be matched against opponents of similar strength, and the opponents to challenge will be assigned randomly.


Arena is the place for players to prove their strength. Players need to constantly improve their rankings and obtain honor points. Honor points can be exchanged for various rare items in the honor store. All items sold in the honor store will be refreshed at 20:00 every day, so be sure to seize the time to visit!

In the ladder mode of the game, you can freely spar, and players can also change opponents at any time to challenge. Here, players can compete for rankings with other online friends, and they can also view the information of the top ten players.

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