Strategy for defeating rivals in the New Dragon Eight Parts SF: The Only Secret to Exploring the Rivers and Lakes! (Discovering the Hidden Plot of the New Dragon Eight SF is Shocking!)

Strategy for defeating rivals in the New Dragon Eight Parts SF: The Only Secret

Strategy for defeating rivals in the New Dragon Eight Parts SF: The Only Secret to Exploring the Rivers and Lakes! (Discovering the Hidden Plot of the New Dragon Eight SF is Shocking!) Guide for defeating rivals in Dragon Eight SF: (Exploring the hidden plot of the new Dragon Eight SF)

“Mythical Legend – Desert Lone Swan,” a mobile game in the “Legend of the Condor Heroes” series, is another new game with Chinese elements and martial arts after the ancient Nine Cauldrons. It contains many interesting stories. Today, let’s bring you the plot guide of the “Beheading Rivals” series in the “Legendary Beast Legend – East Sea Dragon King”! Let’s find out!

【New Expansion Pack】The world of Rivers and Lakes is rising again

Starting from January 22nd, a new PVP activity “Sword Dances the Three Realms” will be opened. In this gameplay, players can challenge adventures and treasure hunting with their beloved ones. They can also team up with their friends to defeat bosses. After defeating the bosses, they will not only receive rich rewards and honor, but also precious costume rewards~

During the period from February 28th to March 4th, a new dungeon “Western Xia Princess” will be opened. Players who challenge this level will have a chance to obtain the unparalleled divine weapons “Phoenix Dance in the Nine Heavens” and “Blue Water Cold Mountain Stone”. The method of obtaining the unparalleled divine weapons is through challenging the Western Xia Princess. In addition, the Western Xia Princess also has a super cool appearance, which is the “Phoenix Cry Phoenix Feather Wings”!

【New Achievement System】

After this update, besides adding some new achievements, the exclusive title of “Shenzhou Travel” will also be upgraded. After reaching a certain level, players will have the chance to obtain the special attribute title “Unrivaled in the World”. Players above level 50 can also unlock more exclusive titles and achievements by upgrading their character names! In the main storyline quests, players can also improve their different ranks and obtain different achievements rewards based on their personal reputation.

【New Cross-Server Faction War Gameplay】

In the “Dragon Eight Parts SLG Worldview Setting”, there are many worlds with different styles, such as the Beggar’s Sect, the Ming Cult, the Emei Sect, the Dali Kingdom, etc. And in these worlds, there are many mysterious forces waiting for you to join. Each level in these worlds is controlled by NPCs.

In the “Dragon Eight Parts SRPG Worldview Setting”, there are many explorations about the rivers and lakes. It includes:

1. “Hero Chronicles” gameplay, players will receive corresponding experience and silver rewards for clearing each map.

2. Daily tasks, in the daily tasks, players will receive corresponding activity rewards and points for completing each task.

3. Get to know other players of the same faction, make more friends through the chat channel. At the same time, players can also challenge each other in team battles to prove whether they can successfully advance to the top of the server.

In addition, in the “Dragon Eight Parts STG Worldview Setting” (below), there are many adventures and tasks waiting for players to explore!

【New Dungeon Gameplay – Endless Trials】(Not yet available)

In the version of “Legend of the Condor Heroes”, there will be four new dungeons for players to experience. Each chapter has several small boss levels. After defeating three bosses, players can unlock the final dungeon challenge mode and enter the “Endless Trials”. Each small boss level is divided into three difficulties, and players need to continuously battle to challenge higher difficulties.

Discovering the Hidden Plot of the New Dragon Eight SF is Shocking!

“The Dragon Eight Parts” mobile game is a very popular martial arts mobile game. There are many hidden plot quests waiting for you to trigger! Today, I want to share one of the hidden plot quests. The hidden plot quest in the New Dragon Eight SF.

First is the clue of “Wu Yazi”

“Wu Yazi” is a forgotten person in the past memories. “Mouse” is the same. But let’s take a look at his identity!

“Xiao Baoge”

“Xiao Baojie” is a female character, “Azi”.

From this perspective, he should be a female character, but it seems that he is not a male character.

“Tang Monk’s disciples”

“Emperor Tang”

“Sun Wukong”

“East Sea Dragon King”

“Pork Buns Noodles”……

“Golden howl”

“Bull Demon King” “Giant Spirit God Statue”…

There is also a hidden clue:

His name is “Zhang Sanfeng”;

His name is “Duan Huangye” (formerly Yang Guo);

His name is “Li Jing”…;

His name is “Murong Fu (Song Dynasty)” (Zi Bo Fu),…

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