Download The Deluxe Version of Cao Cao’s Legend, the Best Choice to Reverse the Three Kingdoms! (Glory Resurgence, Cao Cao’s Legend Deluxe Edition Takes You to the Chaotic World!)

Download the deluxe version of Cao Cao\’s Legend, the best choice to reverse the

Download the deluxe version of Cao Cao’s Legend, the best choice to reverse the Three Kingdoms! (Glory Resurgence, Cao Cao’s Legend Deluxe Edition takes you to the chaotic world!) Today, the editor brings you the download link for Cao Cao’s Legend Deluxe Edition. Cao Cao’s Legend is a very popular strategy game recently. So how can we play it well in this game? The editor will share it with you.

First, let’s talk about what this version is!

Steam store address:

This is the Steam store. We can directly download and play this game.

Steam store address: Click here to go, there are three versions inside, including two versions of Cao Cao’s Legend. You can choose according to your preferences.

If you want to experience it, you can click on the link above to enter our website and click download!

Glory Resurgence, Cao Cao’s Legend Deluxe Edition Takes You to the Chaotic World!

Cao Cao’s Legend Deluxe Edition “Glory Resurgence” is a game with a rich background of the Three Kingdoms and is known for its “domineering” style. As a Three Kingdoms themed mobile game, “Glory Resurgence” has performed well in overall game graphics and battle experiences. It also includes a large number of unique gameplay and generous rewards.

Cao Cao’s Legend – Full 3D Remastered Edition: Full character original artwork

Cao Cao’s Legend – Full Character 3D Remastered Edition


All players can participate in the “Glory Resurgence” glory battle;

Event time: January 16, 2019 – December 2, 2019


(1) To participate in the event, players need to meet the level requirements and complete the specified tasks during the event;

(2) Players can check the “Cao Cao’s Legend – Full 3D Remastered Edition” in the upper right corner of the main interface under “Activities”.

(3) The Cao Cao’s Legend – Full 3D Remastered Edition will be available for download at 10:00 on January 26.

(4) All players who reach level 30 can activate and experience “Cao Cao’s Legend” for free.

(5) Players who obtain any generals or equipment (excluding equipment) in “Cao Cao’s Legend – Full 3D Remastered Edition” (Glory Resurgence) can go to the Martial Saint system to use corresponding items to enhance the attributes of the generals.

(6) Each player can only activate one general and equipment, and each general will have different passive effects and active skills;

(7) After activating the general, it will permanently increase a certain attribute of the general;

(8) After activation, the general’s growth value will be increased. When the growth value is full, the quality of the general will be upgraded to legendary;

(9) After activating the general, the awakening function will be unlocked. Awakening will provide additional attribute bonuses for players.

(10) All generals will have different degrees of enhancement to the basic attributes of health, defense, and attack in scenes such as “Wei Kingdom Conquest War”, “Chu-Han Hegemony War”, and “War of the Warlords”. The attributes and values will be based on the player’s own attributes. At the same time as improving attributes, players will also improve the basic attribute values of “art of war” and “tactics”!

(11) After activating the general, talents will be unlocked, each talent has different bonuses;

(12) After activating the talent, a certain number of skill points will be added to the player. When the skill points are insufficient, the talent cannot be upgraded;

(13) After activation, a “military order” can be added to oneself. The military order will take effect automatically when the general is activated, and it cannot be used when the military order is insufficient.

(14) After activating the talent, the player will receive a special title “Tiger Madman” in the “Chaotic World Struggle” map. Killing wild monsters and guarding cities on the map will earn corresponding score rewards. The higher the score, the better the rewards.

(15) After activation, a brand new plot mode – “Unrivaled in the World” will be unlocked. “Unrivaled in the World” has normal difficulty and hero difficulty, and players can obtain a lot of experience points and rare materials after clearing.

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