Mechanical Panda Dragon Adventure! (A unique mechanical panda dragon battle journey!)

Mechanical Panda Dragon Adventure! (A unique mechanical panda dragon battle jour

Mechanical Panda Dragon Adventure! (A unique mechanical panda dragon battle journey!) Mechanical Panda Dragon Adventure! Mechanical Panda Dragon Adventure! (A unique mechanical panda dragon battle journey!)

“Mechanical Panda” is a role-playing game set in ancient China. The game uses new 3D modeling technology. The game not only retains the original character and scene design, but also introduces various new gameplay and features, making this classic action mobile game more enjoyable. In the world of mechanical pandas, players will encounter countless dangers. To survive, the game has launched many fun modes to help everyone advance continuously.

As a cute casual mobile game, “Mechanical Panda” not only has cute and exquisite Q version images and gorgeous skill effects, but also a unique operating system waiting for you to experience. In addition to the traditional level clearance mode, “Mechanical Panda” also introduces a new PVP competitive mode, the “Warcraft Tournament”. In the game, players can choose their favorite profession for PK challenges. In the newly opened ladder ranking match, players can randomly match opponents of similar strength and compete for the final winner on the same starting line! There are also many other fun modes in the game for you to explore~

“Mechanical Panda” is a giant robot from the ancient Oriental civilization. It has a strong attack and defense ability, can freely control various weapons and props, and has unimaginable long-range attack ability. In “Mechanical Panda”, it has the strongest combat ability and the strongest team cooperation ability. In battle, it can use its speed advantage and flexible positioning to flexibly use various skills to give a fatal blow before the enemy approaches, and launch a fierce attack from behind the enemy.

As one of the strong heroes in the current version, Mechanical Panda has considerable output. It has very good defense, and can cause a lot of damage to enemies in front of it during attacks. Its attack power is also very powerful. When attacking, it can also offset enemy attack damage through evasion. It can be said that Mechanical Panda is a melee tank that is both offensive and defensive, flexible in advance and retreat, and capable of both attacking and defending.

While inheriting the excellent characteristics of traditional strategy games, “Mechanical Panda” has added more characteristic gameplay, allowing this cute and domineering pet to become a close assistant for all players. In addition to rich nurturing elements in the game, some new game content has been added for us to collect and play. Players can also interact and help each other with friends in the game, and jointly improve their levels and sense of achievement.

“Mechanical Panda” is the first action game created with the theme of ancient China, and the game has a strong Chinese style and extremely high popularity. At the same time, the game also introduces many fresh and interesting game modes. I believe that the game will bring different fun to the players, let’s look forward to the next update!

A unique mechanical panda dragon battle journey!

“Panda Dragon” is the world’s first action game with super popularity, jointly created by “Tencent Animation” and “Dota Legend”. As China’s first new concept mobile game with machinery as the theme and battle as the main theme, “Panda Dragon” will bring players a different operating experience!

[Cute pet invasion, complete freedom of combination]

“Panda Dragon” (referred to as MCG) is a first-person shooter mobile game masterpiece developed and released by Photon Studio. In this game, the overall design of the game is based on a Q version style, using 3D engine production, allowing players to experience unprecedented smooth and refreshing hitting on mobile devices. In the game, during the battle, players can not only control their own pets to fight, but also cause various attacks and damages to the enemy’s pets. At the same time, the pets in the game also have different characteristics and skills. For example, the attack type pets will increase their attack power as their level increases, and these attack powers will also be increased according to the owner’s attack type. For example, the fire type will increase the damage value with the improvement of its attack type, and the water type will increase the damage received from water attacks, and even have a chance to freeze the target. The wood type will increase the damage received from wood attacks with the improvement of its attack type, etc.

[Cool special effects, ultimate graphics]

In addition, “Panda Dragon” (English name: Asoblade) also customizes some details settings during the battle. For example, the character will automatically use weapon attacks and gain an additional BUFF during the battle. For example, the character’s normal attack will have additional flame attacks; when the character releases a special move, specific BUFFs will be triggered. These special effects will allow players to have a more immersive experience in this world.

[Rich gameplay, continuous intense battles]

In addition, “Panda Dragon” (referred to as “Dark Mecha”) has many unique gameplays and content. For example, in the game, players can summon divine beasts by collecting fragments, and can also strengthen and evolve the weak points and weak parts of monsters. The attributes of the monsters in the game will also grow as the player’s character grows. For example, there is a certain probability of causing fear to the target when launching a normal attack; when the player hits a specific part of the monster, special combo skills can be triggered.

[Various combinations, strategic combinations]

“Panda Dragon” (also known as SLG) is a casual mobile game that combines strategy and nurturing. In this game, players can freely combine their own pets and pose a huge threat to opponents. In “Panda Dragon” (also known as GGO): This product adopts real-time combat mode, players will manually control the pet’s attack mode, thereby achieving dual effects of attack and defense, so as to obtain greater advantages on the battlefield. The skills during the battle will also change, and players can match different combinations according to their owned pets for combat.

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