The Secret Forbidden Land in the “Journey to the West” Mooncakes (Unique Flavors! Try the New “Journey to the West” Mooncake)

The secret forbidden land in the \”Journey to the West\” mooncakes (unique flavor

The secret forbidden land in the “Journey to the West” mooncakes (unique flavors! Try the new “Journey to the West” mooncake). In the “Journey to the West” mobile game, players can obtain mooncakes for free through various means besides participating in activities to gain experience and coins. For example, players can use the “Divine Pouch” to purchase their favorite desserts in the store or directly spend Fairy Jade to buy their own “Regular Mooncakes” at the NPC.

Although these methods can help us get free delicious mooncakes, these sweet mooncakes are not suitable for eating in real life because they do not increase players’ favorability towards the Moon Palace. Therefore, we can only experience this gameplay in the game without affecting our real lives.

In addition to the above two methods, “Journey to the West” mobile game also prepares a new item for everyone: the Special Moon Crystal. Its function is to provide various buffs to any member of the team (such as restoring HP and MP), and it also has a special function – moon teleportation.

When you use this Special Moon Crystal, you will find yourself marked with a special symbol on the map. This symbol will tell you what the area looks like, and if it has a pattern like this, then this place will make you feel fresh. In addition, in certain specific scenes, the Special Moon Crystal will bring unexpected effects. For example, in the Hell Maze Tower or the White Bone Cave, which are exclusive festival scenes of the Moon Palace, the moon will turn golden in these special weather conditions.

Although this Special Moon Crystal may seem strange, it is actually just a mischievous decoration that allows you to feel the rich Chinese style. Although it does not have a particularly strong visual impact, it has a high level of amusement. For example, if you want to experience the mysterious Tang Sect, you can try entering this magical world!

Unique Flavors! Try the New “Journey to the West” Mooncake

Mid-Autumn Festival has already passed, but the new flavors of mooncakes introduced by “Journey to the West” mobile game today are amazing! They are unique and special sweet delicacies! Do you want to try them? Then let’s take a look at the introduction brought to you by the editor below!

【Salted Egg Yolk Ham + Red Bean Paste Bun】

Salted Egg Yolk Ham, also known as cinnamon powder dough. People who eat it will find it sour and refreshing, but it also has a bit of spiciness~ If you have friends who like this taste, join me and try this new recipe together!

【Five Nuts Chicken Strips with Peanut Filling】

Five Nuts Chicken Strips with Peanut Filling is one of the traditional Han ethnic holiday customs. “Five Nuts” means “assorted”, and the Five Nuts in “Journey to the West” follows the same logic. During the event, as long as the player’s level is ≥40, they can find the NPC “Uncle Wang” (Chang’an City 141,120) to make a delicious Five Nuts Chicken Strips with Peanut Sesame Dumpling (Changshou Village 130, 9). If you don’t have the help of friends, you can also find “Grandpa Li” (Baoxiang Country 160, 14) and give her a Five Nuts Chicken Strip as a gift.

【Lotus Seed Ice Cream + Lard Fruit Platter】

After the event is over, we can bring these two ingredients to Sun Wukong. At this time, as long as you have the lard fruit platter, you can make lotus seed ice cream~ but to make this extremely rare new recipe, you need to meet your own culinary requirements first!

The above is the introduction to the new mooncake products brought to you this time. For more exciting information, please follow the “Journey to the West” section and forum. We will bring you more detailed content introduction.

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