Gorgeous Scenery in the World of Dreaming of Journey (Exploring the Mysterious Plot in the Game Dreaming of Journey)

Gorgeous Scenery in the World of Dreaming of Journey (Exploring the Mysterious P

Gorgeous Scenery in the World of Dreaming of Journey (Exploring the Mysterious Plot in the Game Dreaming of Journey) is a new content recently released in the game Dreaming of Journey, I believe many friends are not very familiar with this content. Let me introduce you to the beautiful scenery in this game world.

First of all, let’s take a look at every story and event experienced in the game:

1. Guardian of the Heavenly Palace: The Great Sage of Heaven and the Demon King of the Demon Clan were sealed in the underworld, and the Demon God Chi You took the opportunity to attack the creatures of the Heavenly Palace. As an innocent person who came to the human realm, you are chased by the Heavenly Palace!

2. Cultivators in the Three Realms: When the fate of the Tang Monk and his disciples is activated, he pours his power into his own body, transforming into a powerful swordsman and mage to fight together!

3. Disciples of Zhu Bajie: After practicing in the Wuzhuang Temple for a thousand years, his disciples often appeared in the Jiutou Li Camel Ridge. They have amazing martial arts, but because of their strong temperament, they often did not receive enough support and could not become their opponents…

4. Bai Jingjing: Red Boy used to be the treasure of the Qingxia Sect at the same time as the appearance of the Purple Mist Fairy and the Bodhi Ancestor. She was also given offerings by Huangmei Old Monster! But for some reason, she was defeated by the Golden Winged Great Peng!

5. Sun Wukong: In the previous life, he fought side by side with Sha Wujing; but in the subsequent battles, Sun Wukong successfully escaped from the Dragon Palace of the Western Sea and became a black bear spirit.

6. Jade Emperor: The Dragon King of the East China Sea challenged Sun Taiji, the elder of Putuo Mountain, in order to save his daughter… When he fought alongside Xuanzang, he could enter the instance with Nezha, Chang’e, and others!

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Exploring the Mysterious Plot in the Game Dreaming of Journey

There are many mysterious plots waiting for you to unlock in the game of Dreaming of Journey. In the game, each character has their own unique story, and these stories are called “plot mysteries” by players. Players will discover various plots in the game, what surprises will these stories bring to players?

“Exploring Dreaming of Journey” is a meticulously crafted role-playing online game with the richest turn-based gameplay by NetEase. The game’s graphics are beautiful, fresh, and full of oriental features. It is developed using a 3D engine to present stunning visual effects and breathtaking story backgrounds. Players can use the screenshot function on their mobile phones or screen recording software to watch wonderful and touching photos and record the stories behind them with their own hands!

Today, let me introduce to you some special plots in the game~

[Dragon Prince]Description: The Jade Emperor fought more than three hundred battles against Purple Mist Fairy. He encountered many difficulties on his journey to the Western Heaven to save Tang Monk. Unexpectedly, he gained recognition and teachings from Sun Wukong and became friends with Little White Dragon and many other good brothers.Conditions: Level ≥ 65.Process: Go to NPC Lu Xiaoran in Changshou Village and choose “I want to become his master”, then choose “I want to learn swordsmanship”.

[Yang Jian]Description: Tai Bai Golden Star once sealed the Bodhi Ancestor in the cave with the Five Elements Curse… But later was saved by the Bull Demon King.Conditions: Level ≥ 70.Process: Go to NPC Lei Heizi in Fangcun Mountain and choose “I want to join your sect”. Then, enter the battle and defeat the King of Earth Store….

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