Exclusive Recommendation! Latest Standalone Game Download Selection (Play Classic! Free Standalone Game Download Award)

Exclusive Recommendation! Latest Standalone Game Download Selection (Play Class

Exclusive Recommendation! Latest Standalone Game Download Selection (Play Classic! Free Standalone Game Download Awards) Exclusive Recommendation! Latest Standalone Game Download Selection (Play Classic!) Free Standalone Game Download Awards

Created by the original team of “Pirate 4” and well-known game developers, the “Infinite Firepower” action online game “Standalone Game Encyclopedia” and “Hot Blooded Machine Wars” “DotA Legends”. At the same time, “Standalone Game Encyclopedia” also provides a large number of genuine resources and many high-quality mobile game downloads. In the most popular standalone mobile games in China, there are many standalone games that you love. Below, let me introduce some popular web games of “Standalone Game Encyclopedia” (mobile version) to everyone, I hope it can help you~

Blade of Freedom: Magical Adventure RPG Game

Type: Role-playing Size: 0MB

Fun game, easy to get started without looking at the strategy


Sword and Magic: Dark Fantasy Epic Action RPG Game

Type: Strategy Tower Defense Size: 2GB

Classic 3D real-time combat RPG

Type: Side-scrolling action clearance


Ultimate Warrior: All-Star Fighting Online Game

Type: Role-playing Size: 51.5M

Elf Prince: Gorgeous Transformation Cute Girl


In popular works of the King of Fighters series and the Street Fighter series, there are many new works themed on the King of Fighters. After the recent update, these new works will have more exciting content. “Decisive Action”, “Warriors Unparalleled”, “End of the World”, “Hero Legend”, “Dragon Knight Seiya”, etc. will be landing on all Tencent game platforms one after another. These games not only have excellent plot settings and gameplay, but also constantly release new game versions such as “Ultimate Warrior”, “Warriors Unparalleled”, “Hero Legend”, “Heroes of the Palace”, “God Domain Continent”, and “Fairyland” so that players can experience purer game fun and richer game activities.

Play Classic! Free Standalone Game Download Award

Playing standalone games requires a good game download. Here, I will recommend several free standalone game download awards for everyone!

“Hot Blooded Combat”

Type: Role-playing Size: 10MB

Q version action-adventure game


“Hot Blooded Combat” is a 3D side-scrolling RPG mobile game adapted from the classic online game “Naruto”. It is a side-scrolling arcade game with shooting game elements as its core. In the game, players will control a character with superb operation ability and gorgeous skills to unfold a wonderful story, and at the same time, players can freely choose heroes, use various weapons and props to fight. At the same time, the game also supports online real-time PVP battles, teaming up with friends, corps, and other players to enjoy the exciting battle experience.

[Beginner Tutorial]

1. First, after entering the game, click the “Start Game” button on the main page;

2. In the upper right corner, you can see the account and game name (account ID) you are currently using;

3. Above the “Login” column, you can find “Login”, click the “Login” button;

4. “Register Account”, enter your game password here to log into the account, and then click “Create Account” at the bottom of the game’s homepage;

5. At the bottom left corner of the “Register Account” interface, there is a “Quick Join” (Quick Join), click it;

6. After selecting the server you need to join the game, click “Start Game”.


1. The rankings are divided into level rankings and historical rankings (currently open);

2. The level rankings are, as the name implies, the levels in the game;

3. The historical rankings, as the name implies, the historical rankings in the game;

4. Whenever the game goes online, the system will automatically record the player’s highest score in this round (including the player’s final score).

The above is the relevant information about “Hot Blooded Combat” that the mobile game network editor brings to you today, I hope you all like it!

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