Exploring the Adventures of Cangyu Ge in the Fantasy Zhu Xian (Unlocking Unique Strategies for Attribute Enhancement)

In the game \”Fantasy Zhu Xian,\” players can unlock many adventurous quests. Amo

In the game “Fantasy Zhu Xian,” players can unlock many adventurous quests. Among them, there are many adventures to explore in the Cangyu Ge. So, what unique adventures can be triggered in the Cangyu Ge adventure in the mobile game “Fantasy Zhu Xian”? Below, let me introduce the adventures of Cangyu Ge. Interested friends may take a look!

There are a total of nine Cangyu Ge adventure quests:

1. The first one is the Mysterious Object: Go to Qingyun Mountain and find Bai Yiqing. He will give you a mysterious pearl.

2. The second one is the Divine Lottery: Go to Southern Border and find Blackheart Old Man, who is the Heavenly Ji Shenjun.

3. The third one is Wind, Forest, and Volcano: Go to Caomiao Village and find Xiao Huan.

4. The fourth one is the Fox Demon Ambush: Go to Huaguo Mountain and find the Poisonous Snake. You need to go to the Pet Shop, then use pet coins to purchase items and use them.

5. The fifth one is the Scarlet Flame Beast: Go to Funxiang Valley and find the Scorpion Spirit.

6. The sixth one is the Profound Ice Crystal: Go to Hehuan Sect and find Du Jian. You need to find Jinping Er.

7. The seventh one is the Snow Ape’s Appearance: Go to Kongsang Mountain and find Yu Shu. This NPC is the Han Yue Mojo.

8. The eighth one is Mr. Gui in Luoxia Town: Go to Liubo City and find Qin Wuyan, then have a conversation with Qin Wuyan.

9. The ninth one is the Path of Ascension: Complete the corresponding tasks in Cangyu Ge to obtain the corresponding title. The rewards are experience and silver.

Above are the strategies brought to you by the editor!

Unlocking Unique Strategies for Attribute Enhancement in the Fantasy Zhu Xian

Cangyu Ge is the only physical single-target attack class in the game.

Cangyu Ge is the only magic area-of-effect attack class in the game.

Cangyu Ge skills are mostly area-of-effect attacks.

Many skills have control effects.

Cangyu Ge can freely choose different attribute enhancements and mix them according to personal preferences.

There are various ways to enhance attributes for Cangyu Ge, and you can allocate them according to your own preferences.

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