Nutcracker Sark: A “Rare Treasure” Strategy Role-playing Game! (Unique Sark: Challenge Your Strategic Thinking of Chess Game!)

Nutcracker Sark: A \”Rare Treasure\” Strategy Role-playing Game! (Unique Sark: Ch

Nutcracker Sark: A “Rare Treasure” Strategy Role-playing Game! (Unique Sark: Challenge Your Strategic Thinking of Chess Game!) In the plot of the game “Nutcracker”, there is a “rare treasure” strategy role-playing game.

This story tells about Sark, who has been living with her mother on a strange island since she was a child. Due to her father’s mysterious death, she lost her parents and loved ones. The village was also forced to become ordinary residents, living together and caring for their children, but often forgetting their own names and unable to find him again (or rather, they are worthless). In order to find out the truth about his father, the villagers also arranged a bunch of things for them to complete. In the end, the villagers told them these secrets, but for some reason, they only discovered a mountain at the end.

Above is the relevant strategy of the mobile game “Nutcracker·Sark x Chess Game” (Author: Mokurei). I hope you all understand it. For more mobile game strategies, please follow the mobile game website!

Unique Sark: Challenge Your Strategic Thinking of Chess Game!

Sark is a hero with extremely high attack power and a high appearance rate in chess games. But in the chess world, his position is embarrassing, right? Among many powerful heroes, Sark is positioned as a defensive hero. In the attacking hero category, his skills can inflict a lot of damage on enemy heroes while also restricting their actions.

1. Sark

【Type】 Offensive Hero

【Trait】 Attack Power Increase

2. Analysis

As an offensive hero in the game, Sark has strong attacking abilities. First of all, his attack power is very high, and the damage range of his skills is also large. However, his own defense is relatively low, so in the game, it is necessary to protect the backline output position.

In the game, Sark’s skills and effects are very powerful. If his skills are his weaknesses, then he is a nightmare for squishy targets. His effect can cause damage to the target and make them endure for a certain duration. After being hit, the target will enter a death state, losing all abilities. After death, Sark’s health will continue to decrease. Therefore, Sark’s effect can make enemies fall into endless despair and also restrict their actions.


Overall, Sark’s strength is very powerful. In the battle, if you can use Sark well, it will bring great advantages to players. During the battle, players can choose whether to use Sark for attack based on their own situation, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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