Decoding the Secrets of Riding a Plane in DNF (Breaking Tradition, Experiencing the Unique Flight Journey in DNF)

Today, the editor brings you the secrets of riding a plane in DNF, let\’s take a

Today, the editor brings you the secrets of riding a plane in DNF, let’s take a look together.

In the flight journey of DNF, players will find many gaps in the map. Players adjust their direction by clicking on the circles that appear on the screen, and then they can jump on the plane by left-clicking the mouse!

Above is the complete content sharing of the secret techniques for riding a plane in “Decoding DNF”. Hope you all like it.

Breaking Tradition, Experiencing the Unique Flight Journey in DNF

Breaking tradition, experiencing the unique flight journey in DNF

In the previous versions of DNF, players have always felt a different sensation when experiencing the characters in the endgame, and with the continuous improvement of mobile games, DNF has also made a lot of improvements in terms of game graphics.

First of all, DNF uses classic 3D seamless maps, and the game scenes we come into contact with are based on the continent of Shilock. Therefore, there have been more changes and optimizations in the design of the maps. In addition to the traditional dungeon maps, DNF also has other gameplay, such as “Monster Siege” and “BOSS Attack War” in the dungeons.

There have also been some adjustments in the game’s controls. First, in normal mode, players will encounter two small bosses (Thunder Wrath). In normal mode, players will encounter a huge tornado monster. In the boss battle, skills can be used to fight the boss. After launching a skill, the character will slide forward for a distance, and at this time, players can only dodge using rolls, otherwise the boss will use wide-range attacks and have a certain chance of knocking the player down.

DNF, as a side-scrolling action game, has also made great innovations and improvements in combat. In addition to the regular combat mode, the game has also added many novel content, including a special system called the Flying Machine. When players are flying, they can freely rotate and jump in the air, greatly increasing the character’s movement speed.

In addition to this special functional system, DNF has also introduced a flying machine system, which is one of the characteristic systems in “Dungeon and Fighter”. When players use this function, the character will enter a long flying track, and in this track, there are various mechanisms and random drops of items, such as light sword weapons. However, during the flying process, players can freely control themselves and adjust the direction.

Furthermore, the flying machine system is also a unique system in “Dungeon and Fighter”. During the flight, players can swipe left or right to control the character. However, due to the automatic ascent or descent during the flight, players will also encounter some obstacles while moving forward.

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