Fallen heroes of wealth: Money Eye Revelation! (Return of Money Road: Searching for heroes who fell into the money eye!)

Fallen heroes of wealth: Money Eye Revelation! (Return of Money Road: Searching

Fallen heroes of wealth: Money Eye Revelation! (Return of Money Road: Searching for heroes who fell into the money eye!) Money Eye Revelation!


In “Fallen Wealth”, people gradually grow through the process of constant death. In order to save the fate of humanity, they must find a way to help themselves escape from this world. Each character in “Heroes Return from Poverty” has different abilities, which are related to their own personality, skills, and attributes;

They possess their own consciousness and power, and can freely control their bodies.

Money Eye Revelation! (The return of Money Road)

Return of Money Road: Searching for heroes who fell into the money eye!

The Return of Money Road is Tencent’s first mobile game with a martial arts theme. The game adopts real-time combat gameplay, allowing players to freely manipulate various characters.

In the world of “Return of Money Road”, each hero has their own characteristics. For example: a giant beast with a huge cannon, a sword, a long knife… The appearance and attributes of the heroes allow everyone to feel the sense of “hard to kill cockroaches”! So, do you want to know how to find these seemingly inconspicuous guys? Join me and enter the world of this silver dragon today!

First, let’s take a look at those people who are shining with golden light!

1. Li Bai (male)

Skill: Flying Fire Meteor – Single target attack

2. Zhang Liang (female)

Skill: Heaven’s Blessing – Group attack

3. Huang Yueying (male)

Skill: Seventy-Two Transformations – Single target attack

4. Yang Jian (female)

Skill: Ruyi Golden Hoop Stick – Single target attack

5. Sun Wukong (male)

Skill: Purple Thunder Green Frost – Group attack

6. Xiao Qiao (female)

Skill: Endless Nightmare – Single target attack

7. Liu Bei (male)

Skill: Thousand Arrows – Group attack

8. Guan Yu (male)

Skill: Wind Thunder Strike – Single target attack

9. Diao Chan (female)

Skill: Thousand Miles Frozen – Group attack

10. Zhao Yun (male)

Skill: Cold Shadow Assault – Single target attack

11. Zhuge Liang (female)

Skill: Nine-Tailed Fox Demon – Group attack

12. Ma Chao (female)

Skill: Hundred Steps Pierce – Single target attack

13. Huang Zhong (female) Skill: Break Through Thousand Armies – Group attack

14. Lu Bu (male)

Skill: Furious Seas – Group attack

15. Cheng Yaojin (female)

Skill: Reversal – Group attack

16. Chen Gong (male)

Skill: Farewell, My Concubine – Single target attack

17. Xiang Yu (female), Zhen Ji (female)

Skill: Five Wonders Under Heaven – Group attack

18. Gao Jianli (male)

Skill: Life Force – Single target attack

19. Han Xin (female), Xiahou Dun (female)

Skill: Rain of Pear Blossoms – Single target attack

20. Zhou Yu (female)

Skill: Fiery Exhalation – Group attack

21. Mi Yue (female)

Skill: Three Flavor True Fire – Single target attack

22. Zhong Ling (female), Xiao Lan (female)

Skill: Mysterious Poison Mist – Single target attack

23. Cai Wenji (female) (male)

Skill: Bloody Dance – Single target attack

24. Lu Ban Master (male), Su Xiaoxiao (male)

Skill: Phoenix Seeking Phoenix – Single target attack

25. Xi Shi (female)

Skill: Fragrance of a Fairy – Group attack

26. Di Renjie (male), Sima Yi (female), Jiang Ziya (female)

Skill: Traitor of Chaotic Times – Group attack

27. Yuan Shao (female)

Skill: Earth-Shifting Qiankun – Single target attack

28. Gong Sunlinglong (male)

Skill: Azure Waves – Group attack

29. Song Yujing (female)

Skill: Cataclysm in All Directions – Group attack

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